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New York Times – March 11 2019 Monday

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Clues Answers
‘Dallas’ matriarch ELLIE
‘Not gonna happen!’ NODICE
‘Skip to My ___’ LOU
Back talk SASS
Bard of ___ (Shakespeare) AVON
Beat narrowly, with ‘out’ EDGE
Cause of an infant’s crying COLIC
ChapStick product LIPBALM
Chicago air hub OHARE
Colored part of the eye IRIS
Deal (with) COPE
Driver’s licenses and passports, for short IDS
Eat fancily DINE
Equestrian’s seat SADDLE
Establish, as a university chair ENDOW
Facial reaction to pain WINCE
Falco of ‘The Sopranos’ EDIE
Former Yankee slugger, familiarly AROD
Fragrance ODOR
Freestyle skiing jumps AERIALS
Ginger ___ (soft drink) ALE
Golfer Sam with a record 82 P.G.A. Tour wins SNEAD
Got up AROSE
Had a role in a movie or play ACTED
Hip-hop’s ___ Wayne LIL
In a crass way CRUDELY
Indianapolis footballer COLT
Interminably expensive project MONEYPIT
Jay who preceded Jimmy Fallon LENO
Jeans maker Strauss LEVI
Land measures ACRES
Land parcels LOTS
Lena of Hollywood OLIN
Like a concert album RECORDEDLIVE
Like a stolen object, when it’s not where it’s supposed to be FOUNDMISSING
Like bread and newlyweds, maybe TOASTED
Made a ghostly sound MOANED
Measure after the governor’s signature STATELAW
Middle-of-the-month day IDES
Neuter, as a male horse GELD
No. 1 ___ (tournament favorite) SEED
One finishing a road PAVER
One-named Grammy winner for ‘Soldier of Love’ SADE
Only four-term prez FDR
Ore-___ (brand of tater tots) IDA
Pack of lions PRIDE
Perfect grade APLUS
Poet T. S. ___ ELIOT
Possesses HAS
Pudding ingredient from the cassava root TAPIOCA
Purchase before popping the question RING
Ratatouille, e.g STEW
Recipient of a Medal of Honor or Purple Heart WARHERO
Relative of an ostrich EMU
Remove wrinkles from IRON
Separator of Indiana and Pennsylvania OHIO
Soft drink SODA
Spherical body ORB
Spike who won a 2018 Oscar LEE
Sudden move in fencing LUNGE
Supposedly unknown but actually well-known fact OPENSECRET
Symbol on a computer screen ICON
Tallest player on a basketball team, typically CENTER
The first ‘N’ of CNN NEWS
Toilet paper unit ROLL
Tranquil SERENE
Variety of poker STUD
Voice below soprano ALTO
Volcano’s spew LAVA
Wasn’t exact with, as facts FUDGED
Wear away, as soil ERODE
What ‘L’ stands for in pant sizes LONG
What clocks keep TIME
Where Santa lands ROOF
Who lives at the North Pole, in reality NOONE