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New York Times – March 16 2019

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New York Times – March 16 2019
Clues Answers
‘No question’ IMSURE
‘Ta-ta!’ TOODLES
‘White Noise’ novelist DONDELILLO
‘___ and Abner’ (old radio show) LUM
1947 Hope/Crosby film ROADTORIO
1980s spinoff of ‘The Dukes of Hazard’ ENOS
Accessory for many a telecommuter LAPTOP
Amt. often shown in mgs RDA
Army in the field? ANTS
Assistant to millions SIRI
Band that composed the soundtrack for ‘Risky Business’ TANGERINEDREAM
Best effort ALL
Blend flavored with bergamot EARLGREYTEA
Board at a station ENTRAIN
Boxer who retired in 2017 BARBARA
Cell, in Britain MOBILE
Certain SOME
Coin with a map on its reverse EURO
Collector’s item? IOU
Comics canine OTTO
Dog that often has shaved hindquarters STANDARDPOODLE
Eliza Doolittle, to Henry Higgins TUTEE
Evening engagement DINNERDATE
Everglades deposit PEAT
Extractable resource ORE
First name in children’s literature ROALD
Go ___ APE
Grasp KEN
Grp. with the motto ‘Deo vindice’ CSA
Huge transfer from one computer system to another DATADUMP
Inexplicable skill ESP
It comes in cartridges PRINTERINK
Job experience? WOE
Juice brand POM
Like shellfish TREF
Liquefy, in a way PUREE
Loll around, in slang VEG
Lose at a gaming table CRAPOUT
Loving INTO
Luxury hotel amenity BIDET
Make final preparations? CRAM
Metaphor for overnight success METEOR
Midcentury year MML
One making a delivery ORATOR
Outback predator DINGO
Overly dry, perhaps TEDIOUS
Parts of pounds PENCE
Person who’s on a roll VOTER
Phenomenon associated with the Southern Oscillation ELNINO
Place next to a pulpit, often AMENCORNER
Popular U.K. tourist attraction LONDONEYE
Price abbr CTS
Put forward OPINE
Put up with put-downs, say ATEDIRT
Rick who starred in ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ MORANIS
River whose source is in Staffordshire TRENT
Rural husband in a 1940s-’50s film series PAKETTLE
Shoe style OPENTOE
Singer nicknamed ‘The Jezebel of Jazz’ ODAY
Something San Francisco was known for in the 1960s PSYCHEDELICMUSIC
Statewide call, maybe APB
Subjects in paleoclimatology ICEAGES
Things on a bucket list GOALS
Three-time All-Star outfielder Lemon CHET
Titan or Atlas, for short ICBM
Trip guide GPS
Up to no good RAISINGCAIN
Vatican money, once LIRE