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New York Times – May 10 2018

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New York Times Crossword Puzzle Solutions – May 10 2018 Thursday 

Clues Answers
2015 “Mad Max” reboot, familiarly FURYROAD
Abandoned while there still might have been hope LEFTFORDEAD
Baseball’s Lefty ODOUL
Bay window ORIEL
Beginning, informally GETGO
Being broadcast ONTV
Big piece of a sheet cake SLAB
Break a leg! KNOCKEMDEAD
Bull’s-eye … or a hint to this puzzle’s theme DEADCENTER
Bygone equivalent of “OMG!” EGADS
Certain absentee parent DEADBEATDAD
Certain reef dwellers EELS
Debate figure MODERATOR
Diego Rivera’s specialty MURAL
Dwelling ABODE
Finished, as a term of office SERVEDOUT
Football kickoff aid TEE
Fork in the road, basically VEE
Gaelic language ERSE
Gate info ETA
German chocolate brand RIESEN
Guitarist Van Halen EDDIE
Half of a Spanish union SENORA
Half of none? ENS
Honey bunches? BEES
How money may be lost ONABET
In any condition, as an outlaw DEADORALIVE
It may be beaten and eaten EGG
Jackson Generals or Portland Sea Dogs AATEAM
Jan. honoree MLK
Kind of degree NTH
Kismet KARMA
Laddie topper TAM
Monday feeling, with “the” BLAHS
Noggin BEAN
Not too far from now REALSOON
One half of a “strange case” MRHYDE
One of the Fab Four LENNON
Output during a boring meeting, say DOODLE
Overhaul REFIT
Parenthood actress Christensen ERIKA
Part of L.A.P.D. LOS
PBS Kids’ cartoon aardvark ARTHUR
Peeves IRKS
Personnel director, at times HIRER
Put through beta testing DEBUG
Reject VETO
Rifleman’s ___ (part of Marine training) CREED
SAG partner AFTRA
Salad vegetable ENDIVE
Skyscraper support IBAR
Snitch RAT
Something found near a temple EAR
Soothed EASED
Sordid SEAMY
Sound quality TIMBRE
Spectrum or Xfinity, briefly ISP
Spread (out) FAN
Springing over VAULTING
Start of an old boast ICAME
Street clearer SIREN
Take flight? LAM
The Daily Show host after Jon TREVOR
The Strife Is ___, the Battle Done (old hymn) OER
Tolkien creature ENT
Twinkle GLINT
Unsettling, in a way EERIE
Very sore IRATE
Views from sea or land SCAPES
Yes, unfortunately AFRAIDSO
You’re clever! NICEIDEA
You’ve Got a Friend ___ (song from “Toy Story”) INME