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New York Times – May 12 2018

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Clues Answers
___ Canals SOO
About 71% of la Tierra OCEANO
Attained GOT
Beat someone? KEROUAC
Bibliography abbr. ETAL
Bobby who co-founded the Black Panthers SEALE
Brazilian city at the mouth of the Amazon BELEM
Brought (out) TROTTED
Bummed SAD
Certain religious proselytizer, informally MOONIE
Common ___ CORE
Container that’s almost always red GASCAN
Contents of une fontaine EAU
Cooking title IRONCHEF
Co-star of the “Thin Man” films LOY
Despot exiled in 1979 AMIN
Dismissive turndown NAH
Embarrassments for news agencies RETRACTIONS
Eve who wrote “The Vagina Monologues” ENSLER
Event with fiddling HOEDOWN
Faux gold OROIDE
Girth SIZE
Here and there AROUND
How shy people may stand ALOOF
Husky relatives AKITAS
Idiots CLODS
Image on every carton of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream COW
Invisible UNSEEN
Jack ___ FROST
Jamaica’s St. ___ Bay ANNS
Letter closing from one brother to another FRATERNALLY
Like a virgin CHASTE
Measure of military alertness DEFCON
Nick, e.g. MAR
Not just passes ACES
Pattern breaker ANOMALY
Piled leaves RAKED
Place of eternal happiness AVALON
Profit chaser? EER
Pull one’s hair out? TWEEZE
Pushover SOFTIE
Reddit V.I.P., for short MOD
Response to a burn or a pun OUCH
Say nasty things about SLIME
See 17-Across FOR
See 54-Across MOTEL
Something the Netherlands has but Belgium doesn’t? CAPITALN
Take root SETIN
The last pair you’ll ever wear? CEMENTSHOES
They may hold the solution BEAKERS
Thirty days hath September …, e.g. MNEMONIC
Tied the knot SAIDIDO
Title setting for Shakespeare VERONA
Too bad! TOUGH
What “I” am, in a kid’s song TEAPOT
Where the magician hides the rabbit FALSEBOTTOM
Who once described puritanism as “the haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy” MENCKEN
Window: Ger. FENSTER
With 18-Across, desires LONGS
With 19-Across, spot for a tryst NOTELL
Word before and after “in” ALL