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New York Times – May 18 2018

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New York Times Crossword Puzzle Solutions – May 18 2018 Friday 

Clues Answers
___ by Dana (perfume) TABU
___ Padres National Forest LOS
___ Park, home of Facebook MENLO
___ school PREP
’60s service site NAM
Almost a full house TWOPAIR
Annual meteor shower in October ORIONIDS
Appends ADDSON
Bolted down ATE
Brunch time, maybe ELEVEN
Canyon producer GMC
City planners ZONERS
Classic song that begins “And now the end is near” MYWAY
Collection consisting of four plates, four saucers, four bowls, etc. STARTERSET
Cooks, in a way, as corn kernels AIRPOPS
Declaration of Sgt. Joe Friday IMACOP
FICA contribution collector IRS
Gaelic spirit BANSHEE
Golf course rental CART
Hog’s squeal? MINE
Holy moly! JEEZ
I call the question, e.g. MOTION
In the cloud, say STORED
Industry filled with press releases WINEMAKING
Inflection point CUSP
Insects named after a small bird OWLETMOTHS
Interisland transports WATERTAXIS
It’s not damaged by being broken LAW
Like a ballerina performing bourree ONTOE
Like this puzzle, we hope SOLVABLE
Longtime CNBC commentator Ron INSANA
Lying flat on one’s back, in yoga CORPSEPOSE
Match SEE
Mischievous ARCH
Modern land in the ancient Sasanian Empire IRAN
Move like autumn leaves in the wind RUSTLE
Not go off without a hitch? LIMP
Perfume ingredients OILS
Pointless NOUSE
Pourer’s request SAYWHEN
Queen ___ style ANNE
Quit your joshin’! OHSTOP
Ready for inurnment CREMATE
See 39-Across LANE
Senators’ grp. NHL
Small protest PEEP
Some Chinese teas HYSONS
Some film postproduction pros SOUNDMIXERS
Sparklers in a treasure chest RAREJEWELS
Sprinting ATARUN
Starz alternative TMC
Surround with an aura ENHALO
The Real ___, former ABC sitcom ONEALS
The River star Sissy SPACEK
Things traded by veterans WARSTORIES
University of New Mexico symbol LOBO
Venomously biting ASPISH
Verbal bully NAMECALLER
Wife, to Juan ESPOSA
With 40-Across, car pooler’s perk HOV