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New York Times – May 19 2018

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Clues Answers
& & &, in France ETS
‘I haven’t the foggiest!’ NOCLUE
‘I’m not convinced, but … all right’ IFYOUSAYSO
Accepts BUYS
Activist Guinier LANI
Around 90° EAST
Be in danger of falling TEETER
Beer holder KEG
Biotech products, for short GMOS
Blathered on and on NATTERED
Butcher’s cut LOIN
Carousel music LILT
Checked out before going in? CASED
Cheery cry HIHO
Coke and Pepsi have had many of them TASTETESTS
Common bait for fishing REDWORM
Concern CARE
Contents of some dollies ORES
Corporate, military and business leaders, collectively POWERELITE
Dark beer BOCK
Diamond club BAT
E. S. ___, game company that produced Yahtzee and Bingo LOWE
Emeritus: Abbr RETD
Fine and dandy, in old slang OKE
Firms SETS
Flings CASTS
Foundation BED
Fraternal club ELKS
Fruits also known as bottle gourds CALABASHES
Gang up on, in a way DOUBLETEAM
Geological feature of Zion National Park SLOTCANYON
Guessed right CALLEDIT
Half of a stock market index name POORS
Ham go-with? CAMERA
Inopportunely ATABADTIME
Clues Answers
Locale for the southernmost part of U.S. Route 1, with ‘the’ KEYS
Martial arts word meaning ‘kick’ TAE
Mega-seller MONSTERHIT
Most easy to walk on MEEKEST
Novel ideas PLOTS
Off-the-wall WACKY
On base SAFE
One making deposits in a bank? SPERMDONOR
One who acts without thinking ROBOT
Org. based near Colorado Springs NORAD
Pandora and others APPS
Parts of research papers ABSTRACTS
River of central Germany EDER
Sched. letters TBA
Scottish hillside BRAE
Senate majority leader after Frist REID
Situated beneath the earth’s surface NETHER
Sizes up RATES
Slight upward curves, as in roads or beams CAMBERS
Smithereens ATOMS
Some deer ROES
Sport featuring the eggbeater kick WATERPOLO
Stalls alongside the road? FLEAMARKET
Title meaning ‘commander’ EMIR
Toy that’s a type of vortex cannon AIRBAZOOKA
Voice actor Hank AZARIA
Walked confidently STRODE
Where couples may be seen kissing PHOTOBOOTH
With skill ADEPTLY
Word with coffee or gift SHOP
Words to live by MOTTO
___ piece OFA