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New York Times – May 2 2018

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New York Times Crossword Puzzle Solutions – May 2 2018 Wednesday 

Clues Answers
… ___ which will live in infamy ADATE
___ the Hyena of old comics LENA
Author Chekhov ANTON
Automotive pioneer Ransom ___ Olds ELI
Branch of the Dept. of Transportation FAA
Broadcasting live ONAIR
Chianti or Asti Spumante VINO
Christmas Island’s closest neighbor JAVA
City near the California/Nevada border RENO
CNN’s home: Abbr. ATL
Control, with “in” REIN
Corner keyboard key ESC
Creep (along) INCH
Dance often accompanied by an accordion POLKA
Didn’t leave STAYED
Elicit a slug with a pillow, maybe SNORE
Extra in “The Producers” NAZI
Extraordinary thing, in slang ONER
Family nickname PAPA
Fastener with a flange TNUT
Fee, fi, fo, fum speaker in a fairy tale GIANT
Foot with claws PAW
Fowl places COOPS
Gate feature LATCH
Glove purchase PAIR
Good time for un pique-nique ETE
Green-light ALLOW
Guiding set of principles CREED
Heavy carts DRAYS
Hieroglyphic figure ASP
High-and-mighty sort SNOOT
Impale STAB
Japanese drama NOH
Key parts of a so-called supervocalic word AEIOU
Khaki-like color ECRU
Like a hearth ASHY
Martial art with bamboo swords KENDO
Meditative practice YOGA
Metamorphoses poet OVID
Mormon grp. LDS
Nipper’s co. RCA
Nobel Prize subj. ECON
Not be a dinosaur ADAPT
Number two AIDE
One of Hollywood’s Hemsworths LIAM
Poison ___ SUMAC
Prestige CACHET
Purposely placed evidence PLANT
Quartets after some infighting? TRIOS
Railroad terminus: Abbr. STA
Rites of passage for college-bound students SATS
Seaweed, e.g. ALGA
Secret spot HIDEAWAY
Shaping tool ADZE
Snooze NAP
Some caterwauling YOWLS
Some ring decisions TKOS
Something you might secretly push in a 19-Across WALLSCONCE
Something you might secretly push in a 24-Down FALSEPANEL
Spooky EERIE
Start of Massachusetts’ state motto ENSE
State AVER
Subjects of meltdowns RODS
Tax evasion investigators, quaintly TMEN
Temperature- and humidity-controlled place WINECELLAR
The X-Files extra FED
The X-Files extras, for short ETS
Throws of the dice, maybe TURNS
Violinist Leopold AUER
W.W. II inits. DDE
What a double shot of caffeine provides JOLT
Where gold and silver cups may be displayed TROPHYROOM
Where you might adjust the volume? BOOKCASE
Within bounds FAIR
Word with twist and neck TIE