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New York Times – May 20 2018

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New York Times Crossword Puzzle Solutions – May 20 2018 Sunday 

Clues Answers
‘… I’ll eat ___!’ MYHAT
‘Black-ish’ network ABC
‘Collage With Squares Arranged According to the Laws of Chance’ artist ARP
‘Just pretend I’m right’ HUMORME
‘What’s Going On’ singer, 1971 GAYE
‘When the Levees Broke’ director LEE
‘You betcha!’ YESSIREE
101 course INTRO
2015 Verizon purchase AOL
3-3, e.g TIE
Algonquian Indians MIAMIS
Appear that way SEEMTO
Asian holiday TET
Avoid a jerk? DUCKSCHMUCK
Backyard shindig, informally BARBQ
Be a witness LOOKON
Beats in the race OUTRUNS
Begets SIRES
Borodin opera prince IGOR
Break up with an ‘unbreakable’ Ellie Kemper character? QUITSCHMIDT
Brings on HIRES
Brought charges against IMPEACHED
Buds come in them SIXPACKS
Cake with rum BABA
Casting need ROD
Cavity filler GROUT
Cold quarters IGLOO
Connections INS
Conversation over a few whiskeys? BOOZESCHMOOZE
Criticize severely SLAM
Cry from a survivor IMALIVE
Daddy PAPA
Depend RELY
Director Wenders WIM
DNA building block BASEPAIR
Dusted off, say TIDY
Everything THELOT
Fasten, in a way, with ‘in’ SCREW
Filth covering pecans and such? NUTSSCHMUTZ
Fish whose name sounds like the past tense of 46-Across? SCROD
Four-time Australian Open winner AGASSI
Gathered intelligence (on) SPIED
Give a leg up … or a hand AID
Greets silently WAVESHI
Ground cover? DEW
H. G. Wells villain MOREAU
Hardly a dolt? NOSCHMO
High ___ TEA
Hovering craft UFOS
In conclusion ERGO
Industry, for short BIZ
Intruded (on) ENCROACHED
It has lots on the internet EBAY
It may be found next to a spade HOE
James who won a posthumous Pulitzer AGEE
Japanese appetizer EDAMAME
Keeper of the books, for short CPA
Like okapis and giraffes AFRICAN
Long, narrow pieces of luggage SKIBAGS
Lose one’s coat MOLT
Loving verse? ODE
Made-up BOGUS
Mario Vargas Llosa’s country PERU
May or Bee AUNT
Modify AMEND
Moreover TOO
Mozart’s Don Alfonso and Leporello BASSOS
Notwithstanding DESPITE
Office’s counterpart RESIDENCE
Old Chrysler KCAR
Open, as a bottle UNCORK
Order (around) BOSS
Org. for drivers AAA
Part of a kit SNARE
Part of a makeshift swing TIRE
Parties DOS
Pastor role in ‘There Will Be Blood’ ELI
Perfect score, or half of a score TEN
Personalized music gift MIXCD
Picasso, e.g CUBIST
Picnic annoyance BUGBITE
Pose ASK
Powerful politico CZAR
Powerful scents MUSKS
Prevent from clumping, say STIR
Prince and others TITLES
Professional fixer, for short DOC
Promenades STROLLS
Publisher in a robe, familiarly HEF
Puts a stop to sentimentality? HALTSSCHMALTZ
Racetrack informant TIPSTER
Random data point BLIP
Ready for battle ARMED
Recent arrival NEWCOMER
Rehab program DETOX
Relics, to Brits ARTEFACTS
Restroom sign MEN
Return to base TAGUP
Sashimi option AHI
Says, informally GOES
Scornful sound HUMPH
Scottish accents BURRS
See 111-Down SEX
Shout with an accent OLE
Singer of high notes CASTRATO
Sit pensively BROOD
Site of one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World EPHESUS
Smart remarks WISECRACKS
Some drink garnishes ZESTS
Some pageant wear TIARAS
Sprayed in the face MACED
Strummed instrument, for short UKE
Stuns, in a way TASES
Subject of the 2006 documentary ‘When the Levees Broke’ KATRINA
Subject of una serenata AMORE
Take back RESCIND
Tampa Bay N.F.L.’er BUC
Term for a word that isn’t the dictionary, but maybe should be SNIGLET
Treat on a stick ICEPOP
Understand GROK
Unnamed character in Camus’s ‘The Stranger’ ARAB
Uses Gchat, e.g IMS
Venison spread? DEERSCHMEAR
Very beginning? VEE
Virus fighters TECHIES
Watson’s company IBM
Where butter and cheese are produced CREAMERY
Where Hemingway wrote ‘The Old Man and the Sea’ CUBA
With 112-Down, coupled HAD
Zooey of Fox’s ‘New Girl’ DESCHANEL
___ after EVER
___ buddies BOSOM
___ Reader UTNE
___ terrier SKYE