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New York Times – May 23 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Finding Dory’ fish NEMO
‘Grow ___!’ (‘Man up!’) APAIR
‘I’m not done …’ ALSO
‘I’m so frustrated!’ GAH
‘So funny!’ HAHA
Annoyance for an online gamer LAG
Anti-inflammatory agent ALOE
Appurtenances with blinds CORDS
Beginning, expanded? STREETART
Big name in laptops LENOVO
Bit of fishing gear SPEAR
Bottoms BUMS
Buff relative ECRU
Choose in advance, expanded? PRESIDENTELECT
Cold: Sp FRIO
Collision sound BAM
Complaint about one’s calves? MOO
Detachable spacecraft POD
Drag show props BOAS
Educ. group PTA
Extremely ULTRA
Fall sound THUD
Forming a crust, expanded? CALIFORNIAKING
French Facebook connection AMI
Fuss ADO
Glass of public radio IRA
Group of gym reps SET
Grp. whose members have reserves OPEC
Having nothing out of place TIDY
Head covering SCALP
Historical stretch EPOCH
Inspiration for something, expanded? SOUTHPARK
Island that’s the world’s third-smallest country, after Vatican City and Monaco NAURU
Italian province or its capital ASTI
Kind of school PREP
Letters that don’t need stamps EMAIL
Clues Answers
Like a course labeled ‘101’ BASIC
Like naughty privates? AWOL
Like some relationships OPEN
Location of an Asian Disneyland TOKYO
Long-beaked bird HERON
Massage parlor supply OIL
Match at a casino SEE
Member of a crew, informally COX
Minute Maid plant? LEMONTREE
Offered for breeding ATSTUD
Order from a food truck GYRO
Polo competitor IZOD
Poor area GHETTO
Popular gym chain GOLDS
Prefix with warrior ECO
Provided meals to FED
Quarter barrel of beer PONYKEG
See 45-Down PASS
See 9-Across IPA
Soldier or queen ANT
Staple of hippie fashion TIEDYE
Superman-like stance POWERPOSE
Tangle up ENMESH
The ‘P’ of 23-Down PALE
They get drunk before dinner APERITIFS
Things counted at meetings NOSES
Track-and-field team calendar listing MEET
Vehicle that goes ‘vroom’ HOTROD
Vet employer ZOO
With 54-Across, granter of backstage access VIP
Writer Tolstoy LEO
___ Azalea (‘Fancy’ rapper) IGGY
___ compass MORAL
___ group GIRL