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New York Times – May 24 2018

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New York Times Crossword Puzzle Solutions – May 24 2018 Thursday 

Clues Answers
___ City, center of the 1890s Klondike Gold Rush DAWSON
___ fair! NOT
___ jokes DAD
___-pei (wrinkly dog) SHAR
12th of 12: Abbr. DEC
Amps (up) REVS
Are you kidding me?, in texts SRSLY
Articles ITEMS
Awards since 1956 OBIES
Baby kangaroos JOEYS
Base bosses, briefly SARGES
Best Buy buy HDTV
Bodily connector TENDON
Catherine, to Jules et Jim AMIE
City on Puget Sound TACOMA
Compete in a harness race TROT
Cousin of a meadowlark ORIOLE
Depend (on) HINGE
Doctor or engineer RIG
Droid rival IPHONE
First name in a Washington Irving story ICHABOD
Give up CEDE
Grp. with a firearms museum NRA
Happy Days actress Moran ERIN
Having spotted colors CALICO
Horse races? : WHINNYMEETS
Hostlers’ workplaces INNS
Hot gossip DISH
Inlet ARM
King played in film by Sean Connery, Richard Harris and Clive Owen ARTHUR
Let out of the corral UNPEN
Literary character with a powerful face HELEN
Loch ___ NESS
Masala ___ (hot, spicy drink) CHAI
Military post GARRISON
More than suspicious of ONTO
Mulligan in a dice game REROLL
Multinational electronics company ACER
Naval agreement AYESIR
One who knows what’s coming SEER
Onetime big name in Filipino politics MARCOS
Opposite of a poetry slam? ODE
Oscar winner Sophia LOREN
Output of a spinning jenny YARN
Pack in Pac-Man GHOSTS
Particularly pale Ph.D. ceremony? PASTYHOODING
Parts of springs MAYS
Peripheral OUTER
Pince-___ NEZ
Pony up for a certain online deal? PAYGROUPON
Pooh-pooh, with “at” SNEEZE
Portable music player brand DISCMAN
Provoke a fight, colloquially STIRITUP
R&B singer who had a 2015 #1 hit with “Can’t Feel My Face” THEWEEKND
Recommended amount DOSE
Sch. with a Concord campus UNH
Security lapse LEAK
Seinfeld’s stringed instrument? JERRYCELLO
Some “me” time SPADAY
Stinkeroo DUD
Take one HERE
Tug or tub : BOAT
Unadon fish EEL
Verbal tip of the hat CHEERS
Walnut, for one WOOD
Watched TENDED
What 18-, 25-, 37- and 52-Across all are (whose circled letters name something used with the base phrases) : SPOONERISMS
What a detour alters: Abbr. RTE
What queso de bola is another name for EDAM
What Tropical Rain Forest is, in a Crayola box DARKGREEN
When Romeo first sees Juliet ACTI
Write indelibly ETCH