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New York Times – May 26 2018

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New York Times Crossword Puzzle Solutions РMay 26 2018 Saturday 

Clues Answers
___ Hunt, protagonist in the “Mission: Impossible” films ETHAN
___ station OMELET
___ yourself SUIT
2014 Facebook acquisition WHATSAPP
About a third of South America AMAZONIA
Aid in keeping food fresh LID
Beverage said to help with weight loss LEMONTEA
Blockbuster 2014 animated film THELEGOMOVIE
Bottom of the sea? KEEL
Certain ink holder SAC
Certain voter ID DEM
Dagnabbit! NERTS
Doesn’t bother LETSBE
Drug marketed as Retrovir AZT
Easy way to ease pain POPAPILL
Election Day declaration IVOTED
End of a presidential address DOTGOV
Final stage ENDGAME
Friday I’m in Love band, 1992 THECURE
Grasslands burrower VOLE
Hold tight SITPAT
How curious … ITSODD
Instagram rival SNAPCHAT
Intimate practice done at a distance PHONESEX
Its capital is Nuku’alofa TONGA
It’s perfect UTOPIA
Letters before a colon HTTP
Lint collector DRYER
Literally, “of nothing” DENADA
Margaret Thatcher’s husband DENIS
Merrymaking GAIETY
Mexican quarters CASA
Never stop improving sloganeer LOWES
Not leave at the end of the line REELIN
One of the superstates in “1984” EASTASIA
Outpost in science fiction STARBASE
Panegyrizes EXALTS
Part of some shortcuts ALT
Patronize off-track betting, say PLAYTHEPONIES
Payment that many wait in line to make TOLL
Perfectly matched EVEN
Portrayer of Warren Buffett in HBO’s “Too Big to Fail” EDASNER
Question pundits discuss after a presidential debate WHOWON
Repeated collaborator with Bowie ENO
Republican politico George PATAKI
Setting LOCALE
Single numbers SOLI
Slow and dignified LARGO
Smitten INLOVE
Some shelter volunteers, briefly RNS
Subjects of babysitter negotiations BEDTIMES
Supposed source of large footprints YETI
The “00” of “.00” CENTS
The Beatles had their last one in 1966 USTOUR
Threats to Daniel, in the Book of Daniel LIONS
Thumbnail bio, e.g. INFO
Trash holder BIN
Tries to detect, as a substance in the body TESTSFOR
Typing center HOMEROW
Use Instagram, e.g. POST
V-shaped cut NOTCH
Wallops PASTES
Warmed-over material REHASH
War-torn Mideast city ALEPPO
Word with skin or ring TONE