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New York Times – May 28 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Almost got it that time!’ SOCLOSE
‘Bye Bye Birdie’ song PUTONAHAPPYFACE
‘Famous’ cookie name AMOS
‘My country, ___ of thee …’ TIS
‘Star Trek’ lieutenant SULU
‘Well, shoot!’ DANG
1 1 1 ONES
500 sheets of paper REAM
Antiquated OLD
Area for six of the nine baseball positions INFIELD
Ate substantially HADAMEAL
Aware of, informally HIPTO
Before, in poetry ERE
Big top? AFRO
Billboard Hot 100 and others CHARTS
Bit of jewelry on the side of the head EARCLIP
BlackBerrys, e.g., in brief PDAS
Bon ___ (clever remark) MOT
Corporate hustle and bustle RATRACE
Curvy letter ESS
Elizabethan neck decorations RUFFS
Expressions of boredom YAWNS
Fellow MAN
Florida’s ___ National Forest OCALA
Girl at a ball, in brief DEB
Hinged part of an airplane wing AILERON
How you might feel if you sing 16-Across FULLOFGOODCHEER
Humiliate ABASE
Inflatable item for water fun POOLTOY
Internet connection faster than dial-up, for short DSL
It has 88 keys PIANO
Language spoken by Jesus ARAMAIC
Lawyer’s charge FEE
Long, tiring jobs SLOGS
Makes back, as an investment RECOUPS
Medium strength? ESP

Clues Answers
More Solomonlike WISER
Most deals that sound too good to be true SCAMS
No-goodnik SOANDSO
One who blabs BIGMOUTH
Ones whistling while they work? REFS
Ore-___ (frozen taters brand) IDA
Part of the head hidden on the jack of spades LEFTEYE
Partner of his HERS
Pests in the garden APHIDS
Philosopher ___-tzu LAO
Possess OWN
Powerful cleaner LYE
Prefix with center EPI
Prince ___ Khan ALY
Right-hand page in a book RECTO
Roofing sealant TAR
Russian cottage DACHA
Shocks with lasting impact TRAUMAS
Show hostility to, as a dog might a mail carrier GROWLAT
Slangy ‘Amen!’ TRUEDAT
Some small batteries AAS
Spay, e.g NEUTER
Super bargain STEAL
Travel aid made obsolescent by GPS ATLAS
Trudges TRAMPS
Undergarment with straps BRA
Units of farmland ACRES
Untagged, in tag NOTIT
Washington image seen on the back of a $50 bill CAPITOLDOME
What you might do if you sing 16-Across BREAKINTOASMILE
Yank’s Civil War foe REB
___ four (small pastry) PETIT
___ long way GOA
___ paneer (Indian dish made with spinach) PALAK
___ roaming (smartphone setting) DATA