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New York Times – May 3 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in New York Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
’30s migrant OKIE
‘Arrival’ visitor ALIEN
‘Game of Thrones’ patriarch has difficulties? NEDFLOUNDERS
‘Mind. Blown.’ IMAMAZED
‘Salud!’ cousin SKOAL
‘Will you allow me to demonstrate?’ MAYI
‘Yeah, right!’ ASIF
A fingerprint can leave one SMUDGE
Academy Award winner for ‘Moonlight’ and ‘Green Book’ ALI
Accustom (to) ENURE
Advised a chess player to attack the king? COUNSELEDCHECK
Affinity KINSHIP
Alma mater of Grant and Lee: Abbr USMA
Android alternative IOS
Attractive but vacuous guy, in slang HIMBO
Bad shot by Dracula? COUNTMISS
Banned display of firepower, informally NTEST
Beat out by a hair EDGED
Bellybutton fluff LINT
Beyond sad, or beyond happy INTEARS
Big name in ratings NIELSEN
Birds that can recognize themselves in mirrors MAGPIES
Board game piece TOKEN
Bordeaux wine region MEDOC
British spy Christopher in 2016 news STEELE
Broadband device MODEM
Bubbling ABOIL
Building caretakers SUPERS
Card game call UNO
Casual vodka order STOLI
Categorically stated AVERRED
Cell no., say TEL
Chest muscle, informally PEC
Close pals BUDDIES
Comedian Mort SAHL
Comfy seating at a carnival? FAIRCOUCH
Coming from two speakers STEREO
Competitor of eBay UBID
Conductor Georg with 31 Grammys SOLTI
Constellation with a palindromic name ARA
Creator of Christopher Robin AAMILNE
Debut single for both Jimi Hendrix and Patti Smith HEYJOE
Decisively defeat a cabinet department? TROUNCESTATE
Deg. for an aspiring attorney abroad LLB
Diploma equivalent, in brief GED
Does some bronco-busting, e.g TAMES
Dog’s order at a malt shop? HOUNDSHAKE
Downwind, at sea ALEE
Dr. Seuss character who becomes ‘King of the Mud’ YERTLE
Drum heard in raga music TABLA
Ever so slightly ABIT
Feeling one gets under anesthesia at the dentist? FUZZYMOUTH
Fitch of Abercrombie & Fitch EZRA
Flaws and all ASIS
Frequent choice for maid of honor SISTER
Gambino crime family patriarch CARLO
He made his final cameo in ‘Avengers: Endgame’ STANLEE
Heed an army poster ENLIST
Higher-ups in a hierarchy EXECS
How some pranks might go TOOFAR
Hula loop LEI
Increase, with ‘up’ RAMP
Indira Gandhi’s father NEHRU
Indubitably QUITE
Instrument from the French for ‘high wood’ OBOE
It distinguishes meaning in many East Asian languages TONE
Kind of diet FAD
Lacking originality OLD
Language with only 14 native letters SAMOAN
Laura of ‘Marriage Story’ DERN
Legally prohibit ESTOP
Lexicographer Partridge ERIC
Like a zealous fan base RABID
Little bits of energy ERGS
Loathsome person TOAD
Loosen, in a way UNTIE
Make an engaging offer? PROPOSE
Maker of Instant Feathers and Hi-Speed Tonic ACME
Male sailors SHIPMEN
Mary, Queen of Scots, e.g STUART
Memo heading INRE
Musical knack EAR
New England art inst RISD
One on the road in ‘On the Road’ SAL
Parisian equivalent to ‘molto’ or ‘muy’ TRES
Part of a guitar NECK
Part of Disney’s advertising budget? MOUSEMARKETING
Part of H.M.S HER
Passed out in Vegas DEALT
Perk from work BENEFIT
Philosopher Kierkegaard SOREN
Places to exchange dollars for quarters INNS
Plane ticket info ROW
Prepare, with ‘up’ GEAR
Pricey DEAR
Prize for a doc, maybe OSCAR
Process, as ore SMELT
Put off for another day DEFER
Rat in ‘Ratatouille’ EMILE
Red carpet interviewee STAR
Scat syllable for Sinatra DOO
School attended by 20 prime ministers ETON
Share on social media POST
Shot served with salt and lime TEQUILA
Shout for 44-Across AHOY
Shows as an encore presentation REAIRS
Singer Knowles with a 2016 #1 album SOLANGE
Smashing SOCKO
Some piercing spots LOBES
Spanish unit of time with a tilde ANO
Spilled one’s soul TOLDALL
Stage prize since 1956 OBIE
Stand out from the crowd SHINE
Stand-up comic Kondabolu HARI
Stick a fork in SPEAR
Strips of weapons UNARMS
Sun follower? MON
Sushi condiment WASABI
Symbol of sturdiness OAK
Tex who animated Bugs Bunny AVERY
The ‘day’ in ‘seize the day’ DIEM
The ‘S’ of 48-Across SYSTEM
Traffic sign word THRU
Tree that lines the Central Park Mall ELM
Unwelcome look LEER
Upscale DELUXE
Weapon with a bell guard EPEE
Wide-eyed in wonder AGOG
Woofer output BASS
Word before or after run LONG
Words of affirmation YESSES
Yoda, to Luke MENTOR
You can see right through it LENS
Zora Neale Hurston’s ‘___ Eyes Were Watching God’ THEIR
___ launcher GRENADE
___ Mahal TAJ