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New York Times – May 31 2018 Thursday Crossword Answers

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New York Times Crossword Puzzle Solutions – May 31 2018 Thursday 

Clues Answers
___ in Nancy NAS
___-null (the number of natural numbers) ALEPH
Actress Lupone PATTI
Adjective and adverb, for two NOUNS
Ally of the Brat Pack SHEEDY
Angles TILTS
Answer to the riddle “What cheese is made backward?” EDAM
As expected ONCUE
Box on a questionnaire SEX
Brand once promoted as “The reincarnation of tea” TAZO
Brewer’s agent YEAST
Broad-leaved endive ESCAROLE
Cabinet head: Abbr. SECY
Catch BAG
Certain wine order, informally CAB
Cher, e.g. AMI
Conversation piece LINE
Convince SELL
Corn syrup brand KARO
Do-it-yourselfers AMATEURS
Double-cross, maybe RATON
Election day: Abbr. TUE
Embrace fully OWN
Fig. on a window (and, with luck, not through the roof) MSRP
Filler for une pipe TABAC
First sub-Saharan country to obtain independence from colonial rule GHANA
Flight LAM
Frank with a diary ANNE
From ___ down to Brighton, I must have played them all (“Pinball Wizard” lyric) SOHO
Game company with an online-only museum ATARI
Game pieces MEN
Goodness sakes! OHMY
Heavy burdens WOES
Hired vehicle that’s only as big as a potato crisp? CHIPSIZETAXI
Inst. of higher learning dedicated to the statistical analysis of young sheep? LAMBDATAU
Inti worshiper INCA
Is a canary SINGS
It contains dwarfs and giants GALAXY
It flows through Florence ARNO
It has dots for spots MAP
It takes a toll EZPASS
Japanese watchmaker SEIKO
Kitchen drawer? TAP
Lauder making some blush ESTEE
Like ALA
Locale of Rome and Syracuse: Abbr. NYS
Longtime director of the Boston Symphony Orchestra OZAWA
M.L.B. career leader in total bases AARON
Most frighteningly dangerous HAIRIEST
Mouthful? SASSY
Napkins and such LINEN
Not what Indiana joneses for ASPS
Often-animated greeting ECARD
One whose office has an opening to fill?: Abbr. DDS
One-millionth of a meter along a spiritual path? THETAOMICRON
Opposite sides FOES
Out of the way ASIDE
Produce some chuckles, say AMUSE
Quinn and Quincy: Abbr. DRS
Rum-drinking buddy MATEY
Russell of “The Americans” KERI
Secures, as a job LANDS
So long BYENOW
Some old TVs RCAS
Stacked quarters?: Abbr. APTS
Suffix with egotist ICAL
The whole shebang ATOZ
Time of good cheer NOEL
Twelve NOON
Twice tetra- OCTA
Wager one’s sculpture of the Virgin Mary cradling the body of Jesus? BETAPIETA
What might help you beat the heat? FIREEXIT
What to expect NORM
What you might say upon seeing 17-, 23-, 51- and 62-Across? ITSALLGREEKTOME
Words With Friends developer ZYNGA