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New York Times – May 5 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Geez, that just ain’t right!’ AWMAN
‘Take a hike, bub!’ ISAIDGOODDAYSIR
‘Today’ rival, briefly GMA
2013 Best Picture nominee with a major unseen female character HER
Additional stipulations ANDS
Ambient composer of note ENO
Anderson who managed Cincinnati’s Big Red Machine SPARKY
Axilla : armpit :: coxa : ___ HIP
Be a homebody STAYIN
Beginnings of a beard FUZZ
Boost HYPE
Butler of fiction RHETT
Catch SNAG
Catching some Z’s ADOZE
Chateau ___ Michelle STE
Chicago-style, in a way DEEPDISH
Choler IRE
City police concern GANGS
Close and comfortable SNUG
Code violation requiring an emergency exit? ENDLESSLOOP
Comics character who says ‘Having lost sight of our objectives, we redoubled our efforts’ POGO
Delivery people, for short OBS
Doesn’t look good? SNEERS
Food described in Exodus MATZO
Gave a little extra TIPPED
Geographical hexagon UTAH
Get steamy FOGUP
Go with SEE
Gridiron figs YDS
Japanese bowlful SOBA
Late mag publisher HEF
Leader of a long race? ADAM
Lupino of old Hollywood IDA
Made bubbles, as an ocean wave SPUMED
Clues Answers
Marisa of ‘The Wrestler’ TOMEI
Monster slain by Hercules HYDRA
Mr. once played by Leslie Nielsen MAGOO
Neutral color ASH
Night sticks? ROOSTS
One with a focus in mathematics PARABOLA
Pierce the ears of DEAFEN
Poor sport SOREHEAD
R.V. hookup org KOA
Refrain word in the song with the lyric ‘Come, Mister Tally Man, tally me banana’ DAYO
Revelation subject ENDTIMES
Roughly nine of 10 people have one INNIE
Seating specification ROW
Seating specification TIER
Sentences DOOMS
Setting for ‘The Last King of Scotland’ UGANDA
Single unit MONAD
Sinus-clearing condiment WASABI
Slaughter who was a star of the 1946 World Series ENOS
Split the bill, informally GOHALFSIES
Start of an intermission? ENTR
Target for nails? ITCH
Tech-savvy group DIGERATI
They’re easily taken SAPS
Tiramisu flavorer AMARETTO
Uncouth CRASS
Unstable subatomic particle MUON
Vague threat from a Stooge WHYIOUGHTA
Wide open AGAPE
___ Aziz bin Fahd, Saudi prince ABDUL
___ Dameron, fighter pilot for the Resistance in ‘Star Wars’ films POE
___ Torres, 12-time Olympic swimming medalist DARA