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New York Times – May 8 2018

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New York Times Crossword Puzzle Solutions – May 7 2018 Tuesday 

Clues Answers
___ point (concise) TOTHE
2016 Olympics locale RIO
67-69, gradewise DPLUS
And we’ll tak’ ___ o’ kindness yet: Burns ACUP
Animation studio with a lamp mascot PIXAR
Ankle-length dress MAXI
Band with the 12x platinum album “Slippery When Wet” BONJOVI
Board game with black-and-white pieces OTHELLO
Book composed of 10-Across ATLAS
Borscht ingredients BEETS
Bunch of wolves PACK
Bunny action HOP
Canine woe LICE
Certain bed size TWIN
City with a noted tower PISA
Comment made while covering someone’s eyes GUESSWHO
Concert venue HALL
Ears that can’t hear CORN
Event for Cinderella BALL
Folk singer Guthrie ARLO
Full count TEN
Greets respectfully BOWSTO
Han who’s the title role of a 2018 film SOLO
Hawks push them WARS
Hearing-related AURAL
I kid you not! NOLIE
Ignite something … or what the first words of 17-, 23-, 38- and 51-Across do? STARTAFIRE
Immediately ATONCE
Irritating IRKSOME
Keepsake MEMENTO
Kind of exam ORAL
Kutcher of “That ’70s Show” ASHTON
Legally Blonde girl ELLE
Lending a hand HELPFUL
Letter after pi RHO
Like some August sales BACKTOSCHOOL
Minus LESS
Morally reprehensible SLIMY
Nighttime attire, briefly PJS
Nintendo brother LUIGI
Not feeling well ILL
Not one’s best effort, in sports BGAME
Occupy completely FILL
Parks and Recreation, e.g. SITCOM
Patriotic finger-pointer UNCLESAM
Peanuts boy with a blanket LINUS
Pick me! Pick me! OHOH
Port-au-Prince’s land HAITI
Presidential prerogative VETO
Procrastinator’s promise SOON
Pronoun for a ship SHE
Radiate EMIT
Relative of a raccoon COATI
Sailor’s cry AVAST
Satan’s doings EVIL
Satirical news site, with “The” ONION
Sauce in a Bloody Mary TABASCO
Sch. that plays home football games at the Rose Bowl UCLA
Scotland’s Firth of ___ TAY
See 5-Across MAPS
Seriously wound MAIM
Singer McEntire REBA
Sleep disorder APNEA
Sound of contentment AHH
The “C” of C. S. Forester CECIL
Today co-host Kotb HODA
Tortilla sandwich WRAP
Tres y cinco OCHO
Wastes time, with “off” GOOFS
Way to run or ski CROSSCOUNTRY
Web addresses URLS
West Coast gas brand ARCO
Wet septet SEAS
What’s there to lose? SUREWHYNOT
Word after computer or fashion ICON