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New York Times – May 9 2020 – Crossword Answers

Published in New York Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘A Letter to ___,’ 2010 documentary co-directed by Martin Scorsese ELIA
‘Don’t think so’ NUHUH
‘Get ___!’ ONIT
‘The L Word’ airer, for short SHO
Action film staple SETPIECE
Agitate RILE
Among other things INTERALIA
Aroma du vin NEZ
Bad mood PET
Bang up MAR
Big name in perfumery ESTEE
Bollywood’s ___ Rukh Khan SHAH
Bones in wings ULNAE
Cause to explode ENRAGE
Come together COALESCE
Complications SNAGS
Cow genus BOS
Cropped photo? PIC
Disquisition TREATISE
Evenings, in brief PMS
Evil honorific in sci-fi DARTH
Fixing things TOOLS
Flubs it ERRS
Get in contact, so to speak HOLLER
Gets warmer, say NEARS
Good name for a gas station attendant? PHILIP
Gripping experiences that take your breath away BEARHUGS
Image on the ceiling of la chapelle Sixtine DIEU
It may be imperfect TENSE
It’s a whole thing SHEBANG
Like a side hustle PARTTIME
Little prankster IMP
Mammal with a pouch where it can store its favorite rock OTTER
Martyr complex? SHRINE
Men in black NINJAS
Mini mint TICTAC
Move like a flash DART
Mozart’s ‘Rondo ___ Turca’ ALLA
Not exactly roughing it, in modern lingo GLAMPING
Ones serving dictators STENOS
Pam’s mom on ‘The Office’ HELENE
Patrician NOBLE
Persian poet whose epitaph reads ‘When we are dead, seek not our tomb in the earth, but find it in the hearts of men’ RUMI
Persistent character of children’s lit SAMIAM
Place to branch out TREETRUNK
Played at work, for short DJED
Portmanteau for an arrangement of cans in a dorm room, maybe BEERAMID
Providing coverage for all UNISEX
Puts the kibosh on DEEPSIXES
Queen or knight TITLE
Ready to go, with ‘up’ TEED
Runnin’ ___ (N.C.A.A. team nickname) UTES
Saving face? RESCUER
Second edition REISSUE
Secure LAND
Shaped like a clementine OBLATE
Short rides MINIBUSES
Sikh teachers GURUS
Some cocktail garnishes ZESTS
Something Jane Goodall, Rube Goldberg and Nadine Gordimer have in common? EGO
Something Old, something New? TESTAMENT
Suffer a defeat, slangily TAKETHEL
They can go from floor to ceiling LAMPS
Treats on sticks ICEPOPS
Vegan serving in a bun IMPOSSIBLEBURGER
Word before glass or house ART
___ Laemmle, film pioneer who co-founded Universal Pictures CARL
___ patch BRIAR