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New York Times Monday – Aug 24 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in New York Times Crossword.

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Clues Answers
‘Believe It ___!’ ORNOT
‘Get it?’ SEE
‘In excelsis ___’ DEO
‘Oh, no, not ___!’ AGAIN
‘QB VII’ author Leon URIS
Absolutely everything COSMOS
Actress Zellweger RENEE
Aerodynamic SLEEK
Ailing SICK
Aptitude SKILL
Arc lamp gas XENON
Arrogant look SNEER
Augusta’s home MAINE
Author unknown, for short ANON
Busy, as a restroom INUSE
Cabernet, e.g WINE
Canada’s Prince ___ Island EDWARD
Carried BORNE
Chef’s item for preparing apples CORER
Cold summer treats ICES
Come-___ (enticements) ONS
Connector of a pair of wheels AXLE
Current lover who seems suspiciously preoccupied? EXPENDING
Dragging behind INTOW
Emperor just before the Year of the Four Emperors NERO
End of a lunch hour, maybe ONEPM
Factual TRUE
Fix, as a dog SPAY
Former lover’s text, e.g.? EXCOMMUNICATION
Former lovers’ stances in photos? EXPOSES
Fraidy-cats CHICKENS
Gift of ___ GAB
Go wrong ERR
Halved INTWO
Historian’s concern PAST
Hop ___ (get to work) ONIT
It can chop a tree down … and then chop a tree up AXE
Juneau’s home ALASKA
Latin ‘I’ EGO
Like ‘Yeah, that’ll ever happen’ SARCASTIC
Long stories EPICS
Mideast’s ___ Peninsula SINAI
Money to tide you over LOAN
Neighbor of a Norwegian SWEDE
One of a pair of Old Testament books with female names ESTHER
Opening stake ANTE
Panache ELAN
Percussion instrument in a marching band BASSDRUM
Place for a baseball team’s insignia CAP
Prescriptions, for short RXS
Prop for a golf ball TEE
See 27-Down PET
Singer Grande, informally ARI
Smidgen DAB
Something Santa makes (and checks twice) LIST
Soup legumes LENTILS
State of irritability SNIT
Straight up on a compass NORTH
Stress between you and your former lover? EXTENSION
Tale of ___ WOE
Target of a cleanup MESS
Texter’s transition OTOH
The ‘p’ of b.p.s PER
The Beatles’ ‘___ Leaving Home’ SHES
Thing your former lover said about you? EXCLAIM
Things janitors keep on rings KEYS
Three-dimensional art SCULPTURE
Throat soother TEA
Undercoat of an oil painting GESSO
Vetoed NIXED
Villain in Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’ ANTONIO
Wagers BETS
What alumni do on important anniversaries REUNE
With 58-Across, 1980s fad that ‘sprouted’ CHIA
Write with a chisel on stone ETCH
Yield and Right Turn Only, e.g SIGNS