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New York Times, Monday, August 16, 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in New York Times Crossword.

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‘ … or thereabouts’ ISH
‘It’s ___ good cause’ FORA
‘Please allow me …’ IFIMAY
‘What a kind gesture!’ HOWNICE
‘___ dead, Jim’ (much-parodied ‘Star Trek’ line) HES
365 días ANO
Active Sicilian volcano ETNA
Artist Vincent van ___ GOGH
Assassin of old Japan NINJA
At the home of: Fr CHEZ
Baghdad’s land IRAQ
Bearded farm animal GOAT
Boggy tract MARSH
Brand of bubble gum BAZOOKA
Brand of water named after a town on Lake Geneva EVIAN
Button at the start of a Zoom call JOIN
Cancel, as a show AXE
Civil rights pioneer Parks ROSA
Conger, for one EEL
Cousins of 401(k)s IRAS
Desire for a contestant on ‘The Bachelor’ ROSE
Eye lewdly OGLE
Feathered Outback runners EMUS
Finish second, say LOSE
Finished ENDED
Flamenco dancer’s cry OLE
Gear up EQUIP
Got some extra life out of REUSED
Heathland MOOR
Hitchcock film with a classic shower scene PSYCHO
Info from a spy INTEL
Israeli submachine guns UZIS
Jacket fastener that’s not a button SNAP
Kia Sportage or Ford Escape COMPACTSUV
King Kong and others APES
Lacking, with ‘of’ BEREFT
Language group of southern Africa BANTU
Late-night host Meyers SETH
Like I, for one? ROMAN
Long-necked pear BOSC
Longs (for) YENS
Make fun of mercilessly ROAST
Midwife’s instruction PUSH
More gray in appearance ASHIER
Need for tug of war ROPE
Nog ingredient EGG
One half of the McDonald’s logo ARCH
One of 27 Chopin piano pieces ETUDE
One who says that you’re not on the ball? FLATEARTHER
Organizing guru who asks ‘Does it spark joy?’ MARIEKONDO
Packing heat ARMED
Participant in a square dance GAL
Phrase starting a legal memo INRE
Pivotal point CRUX
Pizzeria fixture OVEN
Possess HAVE
Put pen to paper WROTE
Quick-minded sort SHARPCOOKIE
Raison d’___ ETRE
Singer Carpenter or actress Gillan KAREN
Speaking of which … or where the starts of 16-, 30- and 45-Across can be found? ONTHATNOTE
Squabbling ATIT
Steady look GAZE
Stick-to-itiveness GRIT
Swashbuckling Flynn ERROL
The ‘A’ in B.A ARTS
Things that gears and crocodiles share TEETH
Toward the stern AFT
Trail PATH
Universal code of ethics NATURALLAW
Visually challenged ‘Mr.’ of cartoons MAGOO
What a plumber might fix a leak in PIPE
What wolves do at the moon BAY
Where ships arrive and depart HARBOR
Xmas mo DEC
___ Blanc MONT
___ colada PINA
___ planet (designation for Pluto) DWARF