New York Times, Monday, August 2, 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
10K or marathon RACE
A green one is helpful in a garden THUMB
A megalomaniac has a big one EGO
Absorb, as gravy SOPUP
Apportion, as costs PRORATE
Ballerina wear TUTU
Bits of rain or dew DROPS
Came down, as to earth ALIT
Can’t we all just get ___? ALONG
Classic Corvette alternatives THUNDERBIRDS
Completely stupid MORONIC
Computer for Apple pickers? MAC
Contacting privately via Twitter or Instagram DMING
Country singer Lynn LORETTA
Dang it! SHOOT
Deutsche mark replacer EURO
Drunkard SOT
Egg to be fertilized OVUM
F.D.R.’s successor HST
Figure seen during Chinese New Year DRAGON
Free from RIDOF
Fuel efficiency stat MPG
Gawker OGLER
Get the shampoo out RINSE
Glass that refracts light PRISM
Goes by ship, say SAILS
Goodbye, my friend! TATA
GPS option: Abbr. RTE
Greeting in Hawaii ALOHA
Grocery conveniences CARTS
Happening once in a blue moon RARE
Hey, over here! PSST
Injection that conceals wrinkles BOTOX
Is a huge fan of, in modern slang STANS
Jean-___ Picard, Starfleet commander LUC
Just manage, with “by” EKE
Kitchenware brand OXO
Laugh ___ (something very funny) RIOT
Lead-in to girl ATTA
Less cooked in the center, say PINKER
Like an owl, in a simile WISE
Loosen, as laces UNTIE
Manage one’s account via the internet EBANK
Maple product SAP
May honoree MOM
Napkins, tablecloths, etc. LINEN
New York’s ___ City Music Hall RADIO
Night visions DREAMS
Not bright DIM
Outward appearance GUISE
Past partners EXES
Patriot Nathan HALE
Place to hang wind chimes PORCH
Place to play roulette CASINO
Roman emperor who said before dying “What an artist the world is losing in me!” NERO
Self-referential META
Service offered by Dropbox CLOUDSTORAGE
Smiles GRINS
Sorry! and Trouble, for two GAMES
Sticky stuff GOO
Summer: Fr. ETE
That guy’s HIS
To ___ a phrase COIN
Train travel RAIL
Tribute poem ODE
TV, newspapers, etc. MEDIA
Victorian ___ ERA
Wa-a-a-ay in the past EONSAGO
Well, ___ we all? ARENT
What precedes a storm … or a hint to 20-, 29- or 43-Across WEATHERFRONT
What you have to remember to use an A.T.M. PIN
What’s pulled through a pulley ROPE
Where Honolulu is OAHU
Word after school or party : BUS BUS
x, y or z, in geometry AXIS
You’ve said that already! Jeez! IGETIT

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