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New York Times, Monday, August 9, 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in New York Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
Liberte, ___, fraternite’ (Haiti’s motto) EGALITE
‘Pick me! Pick me!’ OHOH
‘The Phantom of the ___’ OPERA
2014 Ava DuVernay drama SELMA
Actress Falco EDIE
Atlantic or Pacific OCEAN
Beginning ONSET
Birds that do things just for the fun of it? LARKS
Blue-green shade TEAL
Carries a tune, in a way HUMS
Child’s play ABREEZE
Classic wafer brand NECCO
Composition of many reefs CORAL
Divisions of a subdivision LOTS
Dogie catcher LASSO
Enchilada topping, maybe SOURCREAM
Flexible blackjack card ACE
Frisbee, e.g DISC
Gets past, as an obstacle OVERCOMES
Hillary who climbed Mount Everest with Tenzing Norgay EDMUND
Hilton competitor WESTIN
Hyundai compact ELANTRA
In that case IFSO
Induces to pull a prank, maybe DARES
Informal get-together SESH
It rhymes with fire, appropriately PYRE
Jill Biden ___ Jacobs NEE
Knot again RETIE
Leader of the Three Stooges MOE
Make a choice OPT
Male cat TOM
Moody genre of music or fashion EMO
Nebraska native OTOE
Not in any way, in dialect NOHOW
Not so much LESS
One tweeting about football? REF
Opposite of 17-Across? UNDERGOES
Opposite of 25-Across? LOWLANDS
Opposite of 35-Across? RIGHTON
Oslo’s country: Abbr NOR
Period in human history after bronze was supplanted in toolmaking IRONAGE
Pig follower in the Chinese zodiac RAT
Place to go for the highlights? SALON
Place to sell homemade crafts online ETSYSTORE
Places where surgeries are performed, for short ORS
Poem of praise ODE
Practice piano piece ETUDE
Private eye, quaintly TEC
Radar sound PING
Raging blaze INFERNO
Regarding ASTO
Sinuous swimmer EEL
Sneaky laugh HEH
Spicy HOT
Spiral shapes HELICES
Tattoos, informally INK
The New Yorker cartoonist Chast ROZ
Twinkies have a long one SHELFLIFE
Venue with tiered seating ARENA
Visual jokes in openings of ‘The Simpsons’ (a tradition since the first episode) COUCHGAGS
Vogue competitor ELLE
Wake-up calls played on bugles REVEILLES
Website for techies CNET
Wham or bam NOISE
What good souffl├ęs do RISE
Where pirates roam HIGHSEAS
Wishing sites WELLS
Worrisome directive from a boss SEEME
Zaps, in a way LASES
___ Bird, many-time W.N.B.A. All-Star SUE
___ Etats-Unis LES
___ Lilly & Co ELI