New York Times, Monday, July 25, 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘Cold, hard’ stuff CASH
‘Let It Go’ singer in ‘Frozen’ ELSA
‘Pics ___ didn’t happen!’ ORIT
‘Sorry for being so nosy!’ IDIDNTMEANTOPRY
1977 Steely Dan album with a palindromic title AJA
1990s R&B group ___ Hill DRU
Assns ORGS
Backside, as the Brits call it ARSE
Bathroom scale units: Abbr LBS
Betty ___ (classic cartoon character) BOOP
Big business: Abbr CORP
Bizarre ODD
Boring BLAH
Buffalo hockey player SABRE
California border lake TAHOE
Central pile of chips, in poker POT
Compartmentalized evening meal TVDINNER
Daring poker bet ALLIN
Detective’s lead TIP
Difficult thing to maintain under pressure POISE
Dip for tortilla chips SALSA
Disney mermaid’s name ARIEL
Dude BRO
Eagles, falcons, hawks, etc BIRDSOFPREY
Early Mongol invader of Europe TATAR
Eternally, to a poet EER
Final, unhappy outcome BITTEREND
First Greek letter ALPHA
Follow as a result ENSUE
Genetic messenger RNA
Half-___ (coffee order) CAF
Hearty bowlful STEW
Himalayan land TIBET
In need of directions LOST
Individually ONEBYONE
Instructor with a racket TENNISPRO
Isle ___, national park in Lake Superior ROYALE
Legendary Himalayan creatures YETIS
Like a home crowd on a walk-off hit AROAR
Like early PC graphics LORES
Locale for new emails INBOX
Long, long time EON
Looking like this: 🙁 SADFACED
Major Formula 1 race GRANDPRIX
Marijuana, in old slang REEFER
Married WED
Most common English word THE
Most high schoolers, agewise TEENS
Nonmainstream, as rock music INDIE
Phone notification ALERT
Pig’s digs STY
Place to store a loaf BREADBIN
Plain as day OVERT
Prefix with liberal or conservative NEO
Pulitzer Prize-winning author of ‘The Shipping News’ and ‘Brokeback Mountain’ ANNIEPROULX
Puts a spell on HEXES
Rap lead-in to Jon or Wayne LIL
Show again, as a show RERUN
Singer Yoko ONO
Slippery fish EEL
Spinning dizzily, quaintly AREEL
Splotch of ink BLOT
Summa cum ___ (‘with highest praise’) LAUDE
They’re for suckers LOLLIPOPS
Touch, taste or smell SENSE
Trampled (on) TROD
Unit of farmland ACRE
Wall hanging in a kid’s room POSTER
What pasta and potatoes have a lot of CARBS
What Prancer and Dancer do that Rudolph and Vixen don’t? RHYME
When the sun is highest in the sky ATNOON
Words at the altar IDO
Work on, as a summer camp T-shirt DYE
___ Guofeng, successor to Mao HUA
___ Lee (frozen dessert brand) SARA
___ Ventura, former governor of Minnesota JESSE

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