New York Times, Monday, June 27, 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘Despicable Me’ antihero GRU
‘Hairspray’ mom EDNA
‘I have my ___’ DOUBTS
‘Look, fireworks!’ OOH
‘Macbeth,’ but not ‘Hamlet’ IAMB
‘What did I tell you?’ SEE
‘What she said’ YEAH
‘Your’ of yore THY
‘___ All That’ (1999 rom-com) SHES
4/ APR
Airport code for a Delta hub LGA
Ankle-length dress MAXI
Antagonist in ‘Hop-o’-My-Thumb’ OGRE
Anti-D.U.I. org MADD
April fool target SAP
Arthur Ashe Stadium org USTA
Big whoop ADO
Bounces around a pool table CAROMS
Bracket buster’s victory UPSET
Burn a little CHAR
Campaign to convince British P.M. Tony to change parties? THEBLAIRSWITCHPROJECT
Capital of Qatar DOHA
Capital on the Atlantic DAKAR
Chihuahua, por ejemplo ESTADO
City that neighbors Ann Arbor, for short YPSI
Comic Davidson PETE
Community celebrated in June, in brief LGBT
Country whose name together with its capital city has only eight letters PERU
Cry from a boxing coach HITEM
Debtor’s note IOU
Diver’s destination REEF
Drink with crumpets TEA
E.R. imperative STAT
Enter smoothly EASEINTO
Exclamation while seeing oneself on the Jumbotron, perhaps ITSME
Expected DUE
Fayetteville school, informally UOFA
Fig. on a transcript GPA
First automaker to conduct crash tests AUDI
First songwriter to win an Oscar for a James Bond theme ADELE
Follower of smart or wise ASS
Fourth-most common surname in Korea (after Kim, Lee and Park) CHOI
French menu word ALA
Game with a card that might say ‘Lawyer: court judge legal crime case’ TABOO
Gave a look of ‘Can you believe that?!’ STARED
German lament ACH
Global finance org IMF
Go over 21, say BUST
Great Basin natives UTES
Half-___ CAF
Head of Eton? LOO
Heart on one’s sleeve, for short? TAT
High school dept SCI
Hindu Festival of Colors HOLI
Indian state on the Arabian Sea GOA
Inits. on a cellphone LTE
Introduction to a chiropractor’s makeshift toolkit? THISISSPINALTAPE
It’s a small world GLOBE
Janelle of ‘Moonlight’ MONAE
Kind of fin DORSAL
Kitten’s sound MEW
Lab dropper PIPET
Labor class? LAMAZE
Like sailors’ language, stereotypically SALTY
Like the verb ‘to be’: Abbr IRR
Loire contents EAU
Malt-drying kiln OAST
Mellophone, e.g HORN
Message written on a Wonderland cake EATME
Mini manufacturer BMW
Mission statement’s inspiration ETHOS
Musician whose name sounds like an exclamation ONO
Mythical ship that sailed to Colchis ARGO
N.Y.C. subway inits IRT
Name of BTS’s fan base ARMY
Nonkosher TREF
Number on a bus. card TEL
Odds fellows? BOOKMAKERS
One in the driver’s seat STEERER
One offering intense but unrequited affection, in modern usage SIMP
One with a storied education, informally? LITMAJOR
One-named singer with the 2016 hit ‘Crush’ YUNA
Operator of the Valley Flyer and Coast Starlight AMTRAK
Pair in an ellipse FOCI
Palestinian political party FATAH
Partitions between nostrils SEPTA
Per person EACH
Perfect IDEAL
Place to park a boat SLIP
Prefix with legal PARA
Proper partner? PRIM
Race in which one begins in a wetsuit, for short TRI
RC, for one COLA
Red Muppet ELMO
Region AREA
Religion of the Maldives ISLAM
Rodeo Drive uprising? BEVERLYHILLSCOUP
Rub it in GLOAT
Rulers until 1917 TSARS
Scripts RXS
Secular LAIC
Shade that one might find on the links? GOLFTAN
Smaller than small ATOMIC
Some feds NARCS
Some writing samples ESSAYS
Source of Italian bubbles ASTI
South Asian crepes DOSAS
Specifically TOBEEXACT
Sports org. founded by Billie Jean King WTA
Staunch dedication to one’s upper leg exercise routine? THIGHFIDELITY
Stinky ___ (popular Chinese street food) TOFU
Swabs, say SHIPMATES
Swimmer’s assignment LANE
Take for a spin DEMO
Target for salicylic acid ACNE
Thrill ELATE
Tick follower TOCK
Tire-puncturing way across a river? BRIDGEOFSPIKES
To such an extent (that) SOMUCHSO
Top of a range? STETSONHAT
Tribe whose flag features a circle of tepees on a red background OGLALA
Twisted jeans legs? PANTSLABYRINTH
Understand GET
Urge strongly EXHORT
Utah’s ___ National Park ZION
Vegetable that’s massaged before eating KALE
Verbal shrugs HUHS
Vogue rival ELLE
What you’ll hear after-hours at a sports car sales lot? THESILENCEOFTHELAMBOS
Winter wear for a stegosaurus? JURASSICPARKA
Within reach, as a goal FEASIBLE
Word before or after perfect PITCH
Wrangler maker JEEP
Wranglers alternative LEES
[I’m a cow!] MOO
___ Paese cheese BEL
___ Studies (Gallaudet University department) DEAF
___ system (GPS device) NAV

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