New York Times, Monday, May 23, 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
___ out! (ump’s shout) YER
___ Queen, crime novel pseudonym ELLERY
___ the season … TIS
23andMe sample DNA
Action that can be done to the starts of 20-, 35-, 44- and 56-Across CAST
Actor Hemsworth of “The Hunger Games” LIAM
Additionally ALSO
And so forth: Abbr. ETC
Arab dignitary EMIR
Attire on many Roman statues TOGAS
Basic trick at a skatepark OLLIE
Be at an angle TILT
Bombard, as with snowballs PELT
British biscuit SCONE
Comedian Eric ANDRE
Common center of a steering wheel HORN
Corporate bigwig EXEC
Created for a certain purpose, as a committee ADHOC
Cry of pain YIPE
Declare confidently AFFIRM
Destination of the Mormon migration UTAH
Distinctive period ERA
Drunk, in dated slang STINKO
Eighth mo. AUG
Evil-repelling trinket AMULET
Feign sleep PLAYPOSSUM
Figure on a Monopoly card RENT
Fish’s breathing organ GILL
French word for a leg of the Tour de France ETAPE
Fruit with a cedilla in its name ACAI
Go “Zzzz” SNORE
Guy of Food Network fame FIERI
Hasta la vista! SEEYALATER
Helpful feature for tyops … um, typos SPELLCHECK
Hot shower emanation STEAM
How many times Bette Davis won Best Actress TWICE
Imitate MIMIC
Its motto is “All the News That’s Fit to Print,” in brief NYT
Jacques ___, “Mon Oncle” filmmaker TATI
Like commands given to Siri and Alexa SPOKEN
Mate for a mare STUD
Much of a Facebook feed ADS
Musical measures BARS
Mustachioed Marx brother GROUCHO
Nativity gift givers MAGI
Nile serpent ASP
Noggin BEAN
Not spoil KEEP
Novelist Hemingway ERNEST
Now I get it! AHA
Opposition party group in British politics SHADOWCABINET
P, to Plato RHO
Passport or driver’s license LEGALID
Pause, on sheet music REST
Personification of evil SATAN
Pieces that are typically sacrificed in gambits PAWNS
Positive quality ASSET
Product that’s often mint-flavored GUM
Pup’s peeves FLEAS
Ready, ___, go! SET
Right away ASAP
Riverbank deposit SILT
Rod through two wheels AXLE
Senses of self-worth EGOS
Stats for H.S. students GPAS
Stroke on a golf green PUTT
Take to court SUE
The X Factor or “The Voice” TALENTSHOW
This email is finished button SEND
Tight-knit tribe CLAN
Topic of debate regarding online service providers NETNEUTRALITY
Unattractive UGLY
Unfasten DETACH
Wash with elbow grease SCRUB
What_the_underlines_in_this_clue_show SPACES
Worshiped figure IDOL
Ye ___ Shoppe OLDE
Zilch, zip, zero NADA

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