New York Times, Monday, May 30, 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Wizard’s weapon STAFF
Meat in a burger BEEF
Famous ___ cookies AMOS
Gem from an oyster PEARL
Peas, for a pea shooter AMMO
Tales handed down orally LORE
Web company with an exclamation mark in its name YAHOO
Nutty candy offering NOUGATBAR
Mardi Gras city, colloquially NOLA
Word after game, set or match POINT
Ultradense galactic body NEUTRONSTAR
N.Y.C. airport code LGA
___ Grey (variety of 2-Down) EARL
Spot for a mic clip LAPEL
The Bee ___ (music group) GEES
Instrument with pipes ORGAN
Deliver a grand message ORATE
Fresh starts … or, when said aloud, what 18-, 23-, 53- and 58-Across all have? NEWBEGINNINGS
Like some sprays and voices NASAL
Danger PERIL
Seven things for a pirate SEAS
Construction beam material STEEL
Part to play ROLE
Sanjay Gupta’s channel CNN
Soba servings, for instance NOODLEBOWLS
Houston baseballer ASTRO
Pollen gatherers BEES
Airplane seating alternative to window AISLE
It’s catchy TRAP
Picked a card DREW
Strong desires YENS
Wraps up ENDS
Uses a computer keyboard TYPES
Intel employee? SPY
Breakfast beverage TEA
Ooh and ___ AAH
Grassy areas near driveways FRONTLAWNS
Each button in an elevator FLOOR
Yellow fruit BANANA
Music subcategory that’s a vowel change from 8-Down EMO
Australian bird that’s a vowel change from 7-Down EMU
Weather phenomenon that London is famous for FOG
Judy Garland, voicewise ALTO
Kind of phone on the coast of Alabama? MOBILE
Fruit with the name of its color ORANGE
Some mattress choices SERTAS
Mo. before May APR
Haha alternative LOL
Protagonist in “The Matrix” NEO
Bring in, as income EARN
Strongly suggest URGE
This is not good! SPOILED
Arctic ___ (migratory bird) TERN
Mathematician Turing ALAN
Philanthropic quality GENEROSITY
Org. for the Hawks, but not the Falcons NBA
Gratuity TIP
Canadian gas brand ESSO
Cat: Sp. GATO
Money doesn’t ___ on trees

Window ledge

___ Miserables”

Insufficient in quantity SILL
Guarantee ENSURE
Avenger played by Paul Rudd ANTMAN
Macaroni shapes ELBOWS
Suni ___, Team U.S.A. gymnastics medalist LEE
Neither’s partner NOR
Brutish creature LEE
Neither’s partner NOR
Brutish creature BEAST
Parts of a gym set REPS
Poem of praise ODE
Coffee vessel URN
Sansa’s father on “Game of Thrones” NED
Source of maple syrup SAP
Political fact-checker’s verdict, maybe LIE
Triage centers, for short ERS

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