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New York Times Monday, October 12, 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in New York Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Dee-lish!’ MMM
‘Dude’ BRO
‘Get Yer ___ Out!’ (Rolling Stones live album) YAYAS
‘See? What’d I say!’ TOLDYA
‘That was fortunate’ GOODTHING
‘You did it all wrong!,’ e.g CRITICISM
‘___ a stinker?’ (Bugs Bunny catchphrase) AINTI
Actress Robbie of ‘I, Tonya’ MARGOT
Actress ___ Rachel Wood EVAN
Airing ONTV
Analogy phrase ISTO
Auto license issuers, for short DMVS
Barely make it EKEBY
Be in jail SERVETIME
Brand of Irish cream liqueur BAILEYS
Bullets and such AMMO
Cartoon ‘devil,’ informally TAZ
College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa COE
Corp. V.I.P.s CEOS
Damage in appearance MAR
Defendant’s excuse ALIBI
Descartes who said ‘I think, therefore I am’ RENE
Despise ABHOR
Detroit pro team LIONS
Electrical adapter letters ACDC
Feedbag tidbit OAT
Fireplace log holders GRATES
Friendship AMITY
Grow older AGE
Have debts OWE
Her: Fr ELLE
Hill on a beach DUNE
Important pipes MAINS
Kind of cherry BING
Kind of snack chip NACHO
Lead singer for U2 BONO
Letter container: Abbr ENV
Like movies with considerable sex or violence RATEDR
Limited kind of market NICHE
Meadow LEA
Milk and cheese products, collectively DAIRY
One holding people up BANDIT
One of several on a superhighway LANE
One who’s well-versed in the arts? POET
Paris street RUE
Parts of gas stoves BROILERS
Pie ___ mode ALA
Placed so as not to be found HID
Polynesian kingdom TONGA
Prefix with business or culture AGRI
Prefix with cycle TRI
Pretty ___ picture ASA
Protein builder, informally AMINO
San ___ (California city, informally) FRAN
School founded by Henry VI ETON
See 5-Down GARDEN
Self-identities EGOS
Seoul-based automaker KIA
Sharp or sour in taste ACIDY
Skatepark feature RAMP
Skin care brand since 1911 NIVEA
Some deep voices BARITONES
Some facial jewelry NOSERINGS
Special Forces headgear BERET
State as fact AVER
Stout and porter ALES
Sweetie HON, BABE
Tennis do-over LET
The U.S. has East and West ones COASTS
They were released from Pandora’s box EVILS
Toy that hurts when you step on it barefoot LEGO
United States symbol BALDEAGLE
When a plane is due to leave, for short ETD
Where touchdowns are scored ENDZONES
Winning a blue ribbon BEST
With 50-Down, place that this puzzle grid represents FLOWER
___ Fail (ancient crowning stone) LIA