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New York Times, Monday, October 4, 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in New York Times Crossword.

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Clues Answeras
___ and Crake (Margaret Atwood novel) ORYX
___ Beta Kappa PHI
___ Carlo (gambling mecca) MONTE
___ Gay (W.W. II bomber) ENOLA
1967 hit by the Tremeloes suggested by the starts of 17-, 27- and 46-Across HERECOMESMYBABY
Accessory for a witch BROOM
Airport guesses, for short ETAS
Alternative to Beano GASX
Alternative to suspenders BELT
Aspiring atty.’s exam LSAT
Basil or dill HERB
Be overdramatic EMOTE
Before the due date, say EARLY
Believer in a nonintervening God DEIST
Bird on the Mexican flag EAGLE
Brian who was once with Roxy Music ENO
Come into view EMERGE
Corn on the ___ COB
Corner pieces in chess ROOKS
Coves and fjords INLETS
Crack and redden, as lips CHAP
Dare to exceed normal limits PUSHTHEENVELOPE
Definitely YES
Degrees for C.E.O.s MBAS
Diner sandwich, for short BLT
Dry heat bath SAUNA
Extreme happiness GLEE
Frankly admit something OWNIT
Freaks out PANICS
Handy way of communicating, in brief? ASL
Head of a monastery ABBOT
Hot dog topping CHILI
In the past AGO
Lawn-cutting tools EDGERS
Like the first through fifth grades: Abbr. ELEM
Listen, ___! BUB
Little piggy TOE
Many vaccinations SHOTS
Me, to Miss Piggy MOI
Most emails offering life insurance policies, say SPAM
Move crabwise SIDLE
Musical Yoko ONO
Of the stars ASTRAL
Organize, as an exhibition CURATE
Othello villain IAGO
Parts of i’s and j’s DOTS
Places for flowers and oysters BEDS
Queen of the Nile, informally CLEO
Recipients of a welcome sight, proverbially SOREEYES
Ruffles the feathers of IRKS
Said aloud VOICED
Salvador who painted melting watches DALI
Scrooge’s “Phooey!” BAH
Serve up a whopper LIE
Setting for a couples cruise? ARK
Some menthol cigarettes KOOLS
Some toothpastes and hair goops GELS
Sound from a piggy OINK
Sound heard in a herd BAA
Sprinkle, as of salt DASH
State with the words “Wild Wonderful” on its license plates: Abbr. WVA
Stray from a topic DIGRESS
Swing clarinetist Shaw ARTIE
Things bullfighters wave CAPES
This very instant NOW
Traditional end of summer LABORDAYWEEKEND
U.S. airer of “Downton Abbey” PBS
Walked nervously back and forth PACED
We try harder auto rental company AVIS
We’re number ___! ONE
What screen doors usually don’t do OPENIN
Word after bumper or cable CAR
Yeah, right! IBET