New York Times, Monday, September 5, 2022 Crossword Answers


New York Times – Sep 5 2022

Clues Answers
‘Caveman diet,’ familiarly PALEO
‘I’d wager that …’ ODDSARE
‘That’s ___!’ (‘Not true!’) ALIE
1950s presidential inits DDE
Abstract artist Paul KLEE
Aching sense of guilt REMORSE
Adhesive resin EPOXY
AMC’s ‘Better Call ___’ SAUL
Apt rhyme for ‘rude’ and ‘crude’ LEWD
Basmati, e.g RICE
Betray … or a hint to what can precede each half of 17-, 25- and 43-Across DOUBLECROSS
Bit of equipment in tennis and basketball NET
Breakfast restaurant chain IHOP
Brother of Cain and Seth ABEL
Camera brand that merged with Minolta in 2003 KONICA
Catch in the act NAB
Certain card that can be either high or low in a deck ACEOFCLUBS
Color variant HUE
Company head, for short CEO
Death notice, in brief OBIT
Dinosaur in ‘Toy Story’ REX
Doily fabric LACE
Egyptian dam ASWAN
Enjoyed a smorgasbord, say ATE
Escape capture by ELUDE
Et ___ (and others: Lat.) ALII
Father: Fr PERE
Finish END
First responder on a battlefield MEDIC
Fuss ADO
Gallagher of ‘The Umbrella Academy’ AIDAN
Give off EMIT
Goose egg ZERO
Hawaiian raw fish dishes POKEBOWLS
Home for a wild animal LAIR
Hoover competitor ORECK
Clues Answers
Hot dog holders BUNS
Hurdle for aspiring attorneys, for short LSAT
Jot down NOTE
Largest Greek island CRETE
LeBlanc of ‘Friends’ MATT
Liquor in a mai tai RUM
Nobel-winning chemist Curie MARIE
Not sanitary UNHYGIENIC
Nuisances PESTS
One of 24 in the human skeleton RIB
Org. with a Shelter Support Fund SPCA
Outback bird that can go two months without food EMU
Patch of loose rock that aptly rhymes with ‘debris’ SCREE
Peaceful, pastoral scene IDYLL
Pours down RAINS
Prehiring formality, often REFERENCECHECK
Qualifying hurdle for practicing law BAREXAMINATION
Really impresses WOWS
Scatterbrained sort DITZ
Scull propeller OAR
Sound of a big kiss SMACK
Triangular traffic sign YIELD
Trio with a hip-hop cover of Aerosmith’s ‘Walk This Way’ RUNDMC
U.F.O. pilots, some believe ETS
Unadulterated PURE
Vanish into thin air DISSIPATE
Vaping apparatus, informally ECIG
Wash oneself BATHE
Wheel cover that may be chrome-plated HUBCAP
Where ‘you are’ on a mall directory HERE
Where flutes are played, in an orchestra WINDSECTION
___ Chaiken, co-creator of ‘The L Word’ ILENE
___ Day (early September observance) LABOR
___ Keller, first deafblind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree HELEN
___ of the matter (pivotal point) CRUX
___ Today USA

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