New York Times – Nov 11 2018

Clues Answers
‘Awesome!’ SWEET
‘Can you explain that further?’ HOWSO
‘Famous ___’ (slogan on Idaho license plates) POTATOES
‘Fine with me’ OWDOKE
‘Give it ___!’ AREST
‘Hey! That hurts!’ YEOW
‘I agree!’ AMEN
‘Just foolin” IKID
‘The Bridge at Narni’ painter COROT
‘___ had it!’ IVE
A Kardashian KIM
A little, musically POCO
A snap EASY
Actor Beatty NED
Actress Ward SELA
Administrants of corporal punishment SPANKERS
After following the instructions at 70-Across, how to escape this puzzle READNEWDOWNWORDS
Algerian port ORAN
Almost forever AEONS
Anesthesiologist’s concern SEDATION
Any member of Abba SWEDE
Apollo, to Zeus SON
Approximately ORSO
Attribute of many political ads NASTINESS
Aunt: Sp TIA
Automotive debut of 1957 EDSEL
Band bookings GIGS
Beleaguers HARASSES
Billy ___ Williams DEE
Brothers’ name in R&B ISLEY
California city north of Ventura OJAI
Charcuterie stock MEATS
Citizen of: Suffix ITE
Cold treat ICEPOP
Common middle name for girls SUE
Confidently said ASSERTED
Constantly fidgeting, say ANTSY
Daily ___ (British paper) MAIL
Declares to be true ATTESTS
Dined ATE
Earth tone OCHRE
Edmonton athletes OILERS
Enjoys the sun BASKS
Final desperate effort LASTGASP
Flowering evergreen shrubs GARDENIAS
Former Yankee nickname AROD
Forum greeting AVE
Game with 42 territory cards RISK
German name component, often VON
Get together UNITE
Getting to the point? TAPERING
Golfer Michelle WIE
Goof ERR
Great ___ DANE
Grp. founded by 12 countries NATO
Happy wintertime news for schoolkids SNOWDAY
Horrible headache MIGRAINE
Horror writer Peter STRAUB
Indie rocker with the 2009 #3 album ‘Middle Cyclone’ NEKOCASE
Internet sensation MEME
It has a big deck UNO
It might end in a ZIP code: Abbr ADDR
It’s mined, all mined! ORE
James of the West JESSE
Kind of battery NICAD
Kind of Hollywood romance ONSCREEN
Latin 101 word ESSE
Like Russia prior to 1917 TSARIST
Literary scholars debate what’s in it CANON
Luau, basically ROAST
Lycees, e.g ECOLES
Move smoothly to the next thing SEGUE
Movie with a shootout at high noon, maybe OATER
Mythical queen of Carthage DIDO
N.Y.C. subway org MTA
Name one can ‘skip to’ LOU
Native Iowan HAWTE
Natural light display AURORA
Neon and others GASSES
Not as much LESSSO
Not doing well BADAT
Nothing more than MERE
Nut whose name sounds like a sneeze CASHEW
Offshore ASEA
One of a couple MRS
Outside the city RURAL
Pants material CHINO
Part of some physicals: Abbr ECG
Petty disagreement SPAT
Ph.D. requirement: Abbr DISS
Pitcher Hershiser OREL
Possesses, to the Bard HATH
Prefix on some first-aid products MEDI
Prefix with byte TERA
Prefix with pressure ACU
Ralph and Alice, on old TV KRAMDENS
Ratings pioneer NIELSEN
React with fear or delight SHRIEK
Requiring intellect CEREBRAL
Round fig SPH
Sandwich loaf RYE
Second of April? PEE
Semi fuel DIESEL
Shakespearean father of three LEAR
Shock, in a way TASE
Silent approval NOD
Slovenly type SLOB
Soft and smooth VELVETY
Solution to a maze PATH
Some univ. hirees TAS
Soup with a red color BORSCHT
Specks IOTAS
Stole, in slang PINCHED
Subject with variables ALGEBRA
Sycophant LACA
Symbol of fire prevention SMOY
They might drop down MENUS
Tickle the ___ IVORIES
Tiny ‘tiny’ LIL
Tobacconist ___ Sherman NAT
Toledo-to-Columbus dir SSE
Trig function COSEC
Turkish inn IMARET
Unconventional OUTRE
Uncool one DWEEB
Vehicle that requires no fuel SLED
Verdi soprano AIDA
Virtuous ones SAINTS
Went on and on PRATTLED
What to do with the items referenced in 41-Across PLACETHEMINTHECORNERS
What’s needed in order to escape this crossword LETTERSONTHEKEYS
Words of denial WASNTME
Wretched smell STENCH
Yiddish cries OYS
Your and my OUR
___ jure (law phrase) IPSO
___ Major URSA

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