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New York Times – Nov 13 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in New York Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Charms strike the sight, but merit wins the ___’: Pope SOUL
‘Dear Mama’ rapper TUPAC
‘I’m good with whatever’ UPTOYOU
‘Look at me go!’ IMONAROLL
‘That smarts!’ YOW
‘Think so?’ YEAH
‘You’re good’ NOWORRIES
‘___ brillig …’ TWAS
‘___ From Queens,’ comedy series co-created by Awkwafina NORA
Ancient undeciphered writing system LINEARA
Chicken scratchings, say SCRAWLS
College football rival of ‘Bama OLEMISS
Conforms OBEYS
Cousin of ‘OMG!’ WHOA
Credit card come-on NOFEES
Disappointing turnout NOONE
Early tablet user MOSES
End of a riddle WHATAMI
Excited ASTIR
Financial rescue BAILOUT
Full throttle WHOLEHOG
Hijiki or arame, in a Japanese restaurant SEAWEED
Hit the jackpot, with ‘up’ CLEANED
I-, for one ANION
It may be measured in feet POEM
Japanese electronics company bought by Sony in 2002 AIWA
Key of Dvorak’s ‘Serenade for Strings’: Abbr EMAJ
Letter after 53-Across ETA
Letter before 19-Across ZETA
Like a cakewalk EASYASPIE
Like some forests and fog DENSE
Line upon arrival HEREWEARE
Mend, in a way DARN
Mend, in a way SEW
Most common papal name JOHN
Name so sacred that some refuse to speak it YAHWEH
Not square, once HEP
Opposed AVERSE
Pan … or a word that follows pan ROAST
Park in N.Y.C.: Abbr AVE
Physicist Tesla NIKOLA
Place for a monitor HALL
Prominent feature of a babirusa (‘deer-pig’) TUSK
Provide, as a password ENTERIN
Response to ‘Who’s there?’ that may be unhelpful ITSME
Risk of drinking coffee or wine STAIN
Shape that is both concave and convex ESS
Soft, squishy material NERF
Songs by a recording artist that aren’t well known DEEPCUTS
Soup dumpling WONTON
Soy product originally from Indonesia TEMPEH
Stop tinkering with an email PRESSSEND
Straight shooter? ARROW
Subdue TAME
Successful shot from downtown, in basketball lingo TREY
Take to a pound TOWAWAY
They’re high up in Chi-Town ELS
Toasts, say SINGES
Total inconvenience PAIN
Trait of a talented musician GOODEAR
Wigs out GOESAPE
Wikipedia articles that need expanding STUBS
Word often said after a wild tangent ANYWAY
Words that might accompany an outstretched hand LETSDANCE
Wrinkle-resistant NOIRON
___ Balls SNO
___ ceiling DEBT