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New York Times – Oct 5 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in New York Times Crossword.

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Clues Answers
$$$ put away for old age IRA
‘Dead ___ Society’ POETS
‘East of ___’ (Steinbeck novel) EDEN
‘Fine, stay angry!’ BEMAD
‘Golly!’ GEE
‘Gross! Nobody wants to hear that!’ TMI
‘I Like ___’ (1950s political slogan) IKE
‘Little’ girl in ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’ EVA
‘No thanks’ PASS
Access code to use an A.T.M PIN
Actress Garr of ‘Tootsie’ TERI
Army knapsack KITBAG
Band hangers-on GROUPIES
Banking org. founded during the Great Depression FDIC
Beer brand whose popularity didn’t drop during the 2020 pandemic, surprisingly CORONA
Bill, the Science Guy NYE
Bind tightly TRUSS
Bit of embellishment FRILL
Book after Song of Solomon ISAIAH
Committed accounting fraud COOKEDTHEBOOKS
Degs. for entrepreneurs MBAS
Devious plot SCHEME
Dickens’s ‘___ Twist’ OLIVER
Dict. tag ABBR
Director Lee ANG
Dish from a crockpot STEW
Dress in India SARI
East Coast rival of Caltech MIT
Equipment in Monopoly and Yahtzee DICE
Extends, as a subscription RENEWS
Friend in France AMI
Gestures of approval OKSIGNS
Gets intel from after a mission DEBRIEFS
Goal after a master’s, for short PHD
Gomorrah’s sister city SODOM
Hawaii surfing destination MAUI
In a sorry state WOEFUL
In accordance with ASPER
Inventor’s goal PATENT
Kind of center with exercise machines FITNESS
Koh-i-___ diamond NOOR
Kylo ___, Jedi-in-training seduced to the dark side REN
Like Galileo, by birth PISAN
Majorca, e.g.: Sp ISLA
Make calm SOOTHE
Marie Curie’s research partner and husband PIERRE
Md. home to the U.S. Cyber Command FTMEADE
Newsroom figs EDS
No. on a bank statement ACCT
Not mine alone OURS
Nullify NEGATE
Number between dos and cuatro TRES
Nutrition fig RDA
Off-the-wall concepts HALFBAKEDIDEAS
One-named singer with the 2014 hit ‘Chandelier’ SIA
Opposite of trans, in gender studies CIS
Opposite of WNW ESE
People in police ‘walks’ PERPS
Professor’s goal TENURE
Relative of a chickadee TIT
Rich’s opposite POOR
Sam who directed the ‘Evil Dead’ series RAIMI
Shade of brown BURNTUMBER
Spooky EERIE
Supreme Court justice Stephen BREYER
Tools for tilling HOES
Travelers to Bethlehem, in Matthew MAGI
Unedited film RAWFOOTAGE
Uptight sort PRIG
What a revolution may usher in NEWERA
Worker for a feudal lord LIEGE
___ Majesty the Queen HER
___ vera ALOE