New York Times – Oct 5 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
‘Challenge accepted!’ ITSON
‘If winning ___ everything, why do they keep score?’: Vince Lombardi ISNT
‘Mr. Blue Sky’ band, to fans ELO
‘Silent’ prez CAL
‘___ a lot!’ (Dracula’s expression of gratitude?) FANGS
‘___ peanut butter sandwiches!’ (The Amazing Mumford’s catchphrase on ‘Sesame Street’) ALA
11-Down’s firstborn CAIN
Actress/inventor Lamarr HEDY
Alternative to a tweet? CHIRP
Ancestor of a termite, surprisingly ROACH
Animated type, for short TOON
As a backup INCASE
Assistant with many different voices SIRI
Ballpoint brand BIC
Beats by Dre logo, essentially SMALLB
Boorish sort CHURL
Brazilian greetings OLAS
Brushing, flossing and avoiding sugar? FINETOOTHCOMBO
Champagne name MOET
Charged particle ION
Chum PAL
Classic creature feature about giant irradiated ants THEM
Common horse breed ARAB
Compound found in marijuana, for short CBD
Conceited VAIN
Cut down on the calories DIETED
D.M.V. issuance LIC
De-wrinkles IRONS
Deep black ONYX
Disney classic without any extra features? JUSTPLAINDUMBO
Drama starter? ACTI
Egglike shape OVAL
First lady EVE
Flip (through) LEAF
Get promoted despite poor performance FAILUP
Gives a boost HELPS
Gossip, slangily TEA
Group at the top ELITE
Hamlet, for one DANE
Home to the Viking Ship Museum OSLO
Inc. or Ms MAG
Invented FICTIVE
It means nothing to the French RIEN
It’s hot TREND
L.G.B.T. History Mo OCT
Leaves hanging, as a date BAILSON
Like Freud’s first stage of development ORAL
Like intl. addresses, to Americans NONUS
Many a viral tweet MEME
Memoirs of a dance contest champion? LIFEANDLIMBO
Mystical ‘Doctor’ of Marvel Comics STRANGE
No longer on deck ATBAT
Once named NEE
One side of a playground argument ARENOT
One who likes watching Ducks or Penguins, say NHLFAN
Other side of a playground argument ARESO
Peabody Award-winning radio show about spirituality ONBEING
Personal space on the internet, maybe BLOG
Rainbow’s path ARC
Refused TOLDNO
River of Hades STYX
San Luis ___ OBISPO
Sch. whose student newspaper is The Daily Reveille LSU
Schnauzer sound ARF
Singsong syllable TRA
Soul’s partner BODY
Sprinting star at the Seoul Olympics, familiarly FLOJO
Stars that are blowing up? NOVAE
They know how you feel EMPATHS
Toy whose name is derived from the Danish for ‘play well’ LEGO
What Mary might have had if she were into Italian sports cars? ALITTLELAMBO
What’s-___-name HER
Wielder of the hammer Mjölnir THOR
Word with rock or soap OPERA
Work period SHIFT
___ cocktail MOLOTOV

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