New York Times October 7, 2022 Crossword Answer


Clues Answers
___ City, nickname for Seattle EMERALD
___ Coming, 1969 Three Dog Night hit ELIS
___ makhani (buttery dish) DAL
Animal that the Aztecs called ayotochtli, or “turtle-rabbit” ARMADILLO
At 18, the youngest person to sweep the four main Grammy categories (Song, Album, Record, Best New Artist) in a single year EILISH
Bagful purchased at a nursery LOAM
Base ten? TOES
Big player TUBA
Car modified into the Monkeemobile GTO
Chemical ___ PEEL
Chill ICE
Coffee-growing region on the Big Island KONACOAST
Comfort food with shortening? MACNCHEESE
Companion of a 1-Across, maybe GNU
Connector of two names AKA
Crumbly topping STREUSEL
Dating app info AGE
Disgraces SHAMES
Dry wine of Spain RIOJA
English derby site EPSOM
Entry requirement, often USERNAME
Falstaffian, in a way OBESE
First chairman of the E.E.O.C., familiarly FDRJR
Fluffy fur source ANGORA
Foe of the Roman Empire ATTILA
Former name of the second-largest country in Africa ZAIRE
French woman FEMME
Fully commits GOESALLIN
Go around ROVE
Helicopter, in slang EGGBEATER
How fast does a ___ have to run before it looks gray?: Demetri Martin ZEBRA
Jerkwad TOOL
Lead-in to a Southern “-ville” ASHE
Lexicographic bit, in brief DEF
Like some colleagues ESTEEMED
Like some unpleasant air STALE
Like some unpleasant air HUMID
Lozenge target, maybe RASP
Mauna ___ KEA
Med. specialist ENT
Nickname in “Star Wars” ANI
One has to make a run for it STOLENBASE
One in a galley ROWER
One in a galley CHEF
Priestess of Hecate MEDEA
Sale incentive, informally BOGO
Second half of a doubleheader LATEGAME
See 33-Across BROWN
See 33-Across JACKSON
Sharp divide CLEAVAGE
Some batteries, for short AAS
Some bridge maneuvers ENDPLAYS
Sports event with many touching moments EPEE
Spot for a spot TEASHOP
Steve with four N.B.A. coaching championships KERR
Stop sign RED
Sycophant HANGERON
Takes care of for the family? OFFS
Tangled mess, maybe CABLES
They come with strings attached APRONS
Tiny rod-shaped organism BACILLUS
Title bestowed by a sultan PASHA
Vikki Carr’s “It Must Be ___” HIM
What’s thrown for a loop? LASSO
With 38- and 43-Across, history-making SCOTUS appointee KETANJI
With calmness and self-control COOLLY
Withstand BRAVE
Words from a witness ISAWIT
Yikes! OMG
Zig or zag VEER

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