New York Times, Saturday, April 16, 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
___ borer (beetle) ELM
___ Who Code (nonprofit) GIRLS
1998 Robert De Niro crime thriller RONIN
Actor James of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” AVERY
Amount to ARE
An adult one can spend up to 16 hours a day eating PANDA
Author/screenwriter Ben HECHT
Bad thing to miss MEMO
Big name in crackers CARRS
Contests in which the competitors are eliminated one by one BEES
Current weather concern? ELNINO
Daisy Dukes, e.g. BOOTYSHORTS
Daylight saving time adjustment: Abbr. ONEHR
De donde ___? (Spanish 101 query) ERES
Divinity GODHOOD
Draft status? KINGOFBEERS
Drink marvelously sloganeer KETELONE
Early Macedonian capital EDESSA
Excessive coverage, perhaps MEDIACIRCUS
Famed Portuguese explorer DAGAMA
Footslog MARCH
Forerunner of rocksteady SKA
Good luck with that! CLOVER
Lead-in to physical ASTRO
Like much White House press DCBASED
Like wicker chairs CANED
Locales for the Jets and the Sharks RINKS
Look up, in a way GOOGLE
Mounted GOTON
Native Costa Ricans, informally TICOS
New York county near Pennsylvania TIOGA
Oh, get outta here! BITEME
Onetime trade org. EEC
Practice that yields mixed results? CROSSBREEDING
Propensity for pilfering STICKYFINGERS
Pulitzer winner Maureen DOWD
Roaster OVEN
Russian Revolution figures PEASANTS
Silent counterparts, once TALKIES
Social elites ALISTERS
Soft-spoken words COO
Something a 38-Down likes to eat BAMBOO
Something that might be raised in a fight CAIN
Sound of the West Coast PUGET
Stick with KEEPTO
Stuck in the Middle Ages? LANCED
Summer cooler SNOWCONE
Susan who wrote “The Orchid Thief” ORLEAN
Suspension of a sort STAY
Swears at DAMNS
Syringe amts. CCS
Target alternative KOHLS
The heart of Paris COEUR
Travel around the world GEOCENTRICORBIT
Tried-and-true TESTED
Try to win, in a way BIDON
Unmasked, say BARED
What stamens are, in botany MALE
Where cruise passengers end up ONLAND
Word with change or color OIL
You might have one on the side BET

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