New York Times, Saturday, April 2, 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
___ chai (Indian beverage) MASALA
1-12: Abbr. MOS
2019 World Series winner, in brief NAT
Acts of will? ESTATELAW
Allure DRAW
Anything! NAMEIT
Barrier against burrowers MESH
Campaign fund-raising letters PAC
Capital of ancient Persia ISFAHAN
Color not generated by light SPRAYTAN
Coming in waves, in a way AURAL
Congee, e.g GRUEL
Dazzling skill WIZARDRY
Digital job, in brief MANI
Do some wedding planning SETADATE
EventuallyY ONEDAY
Expert with picks MINER
Faulty: Prefix DYS
Flushes, e.g., in poker TELLS
Gloucester catch SCROD
Grow up AGE
Herbalists’ panaceas ALLHEALS
In an elegant way NEATLY
Institution roughly two millennia old PAPACY
In-verse functions? SLAMS
It runs up the arm ULNA
It started in 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports NIKE
Literally, “substitute” ERSATZ
Livened (up) SPICED
Many human anatomy students PREMEDS
Mastering the Art of French Cooking, for one TOME
Match SEE
Met someone? OPERAGOER
Midwife’s focus in the third stage of labor PLACENTA
Muscle connectors SINEWS
Not physically, say INSPIRIT
Offering for a developer LOT
Office held five times by Julius Caesar CONSUL
Orange candleflower, for example ARUM
Org. with clubs, in two senses PGA
Picked up LEARNED
Policy around the publicity-shy, say NOCAMERAS
Preposterous FARCICAL
Program commemorated on the back of the Eisenhower dollar coin APOLLO
Salvo from Old Ironsides CANNONADE
Sci-fi effects that are beyond stunning DEATHRAYS
Setting for drinks and deals CARDTABLE
Short hooking pitch TEASERAD
Some ribbons and shells PASTA
Source of some nostalgia OLDIE
Stuff, but not junk SATE
Submitted SENTIN
Sushi chef’s tasting menu OMAKASE
That ___ love thee, Caesar, O, ’tis true: Shak. IDID
The art of appearing effortlessly nonchalant SPREZZATURA
They’re tops to Scots TAMS
Unlikely to pontificate, say AMORAL
Up now RISEN
Veronica ___, author of the “Divergent” trilogy ROTH
Very nearly resemble BORDERON
Whatever you say … SURESURE
Where “the cheese stands alone,” in a classic song DELL
Where 23-Down was coined ITALY
Withdraw RECANT
Word with club or queen DRAMA

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