New York Times, Saturday, April 23, 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
___, I cannot be (Emily Dickinson poem) ALONE
1978 hit whose title is spelled out in its chorus YMCA
Aid for a breakfast chef OMELETPAN
All made up, perhaps GLAMOROUS
Baseball team announcement ROSTER
Bird with a forked tail TERN
Clodpole OAF
Colorful warning CODERED
Consolidate MERGE
Departure announcement BYE
Digital tool NAILFILE
Disney title girl MOANA
Drove Drove : LED
Flavor of many Anglo-Indian chutneys APPLE
Flexible positions ASANAS
Freedom cry, for some TGIF
Game with baskets DISCGOLF
Gram alternative NANA
How awful! IMSOSORRY
Hue made from limonite OCHRE
I ___ you! DARE
It goes hand to hand CLAP
Joe carter? COFFEEURN
Kelley of the U.S. women’s national soccer team OHARA
Lacks for nothing HASITALL
Land once known as the “peninsula of gold” MALAYSIA
Like a schlemiel INEPT
Like some gallery displays ARTSY
Material for a child’s necklace MACARONI
Modern initialism for one skimming text TLDR
Molten pools LAVALAKES
Much FAR
Off the mark? ERASE
Online seller of specialty crafts ETSYSHOP
Orange refreshment FANTA
Org. offering traveler’s checks? TSA
Other side FOE
Palindromic preposition ERE
Part of la famille FRERE
Part of some drills ALARM
Peter Pan competitor JIF
Playground denizens TOTS
Plus ___ (Spain’s national motto) ULTRA
Pop singer ___ Max AVA
Rapper with the 2001 hit “Superwoman Pt. II” LILMO
Right on APT
Setting of the first panel in Hieronymus Bosch’s “The Last Judgment” EDEN
Shot, e.g. DOSE
Software engineer’s presentation TECHDEMO
Some advanced degs. MAS
Something of miner interest ORE
Spiritual wanderer LOSTSOUL
Step in ENTER
Step two in many skin-care routines TONER
That’s enough out of you! CANIT
Theia or Rhea TITAN
They can have you going the wrong way HEADFAKES
They might smell fishy CATTREATS
They’ve got their own problems MATHTESTS
Thing: Sp. COSA
Turnpike feature TOLLPLAZA
Twitch SPASM
What’s spread on a spreadsheet DATA
Where to get down and dirty MUDBATH
Word with hot or fly ROD

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