New York Times, Saturday, April 9, 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Alternative to a Gallup survey CNNPOLL
Amoeba feature SILENTO
Approval inits. FDA
B.C. neighbor: Abbr. IDA
Bishop’s group RATPACK
Boxing champ Max BAER
Brewery supply RYE
Call everything off ENDIT
Carpenters, at times SAWERS
Caused a ruckus ACTEDUP
Chinese ___, food also called nagaimo YAM
Close calls SCARES
Cold War inits. KGB
Common Italian verb ending IRE
Counter request NEXTPLEASE
CVS Health acquisition of 2018 AETNA
Deadlines? OBIT
Devices used to sterilize medical equipment AUTOCLAVES
Doctor’s orders, for short RXS
Drink that comes with a wide straw BOBATEA
First winning presidential ticket to alternate vowels and consonants OBAMABIDEN
Folderol TODO
Free RID
Garment of the Middle East KAFTAN
Gathering that occurs once per decade CENSUSDATA
Grow out of something, say MOLT
Huffing and puffing, e.g. GERUNDS
In the end … : AFTERALL
It might be captured on a safari FOOTAGE
It turns red in Exodus NILE
Kawasaki offering DIRTBIKE
Land on the Med. ALG
Like Meg among the March sisters ELDEST
Like much of Sudan ARID
Line on a map: Abbr. LAT
Many jingles ADSLOGANS
Mens ___ REA
Michael of “Superbad” CERA
Musical Case NEKO
One with news to share, often TVREPORTER
People might have personal ones for what they do ASSISTANTS
People of Burundi TUTSI
Poor cell connection? PHONETAG
Put down EAT
R&B artist with the 3x platinum 1995 debut album “Miss Thang” MONICA
Racket SCAM
Rear guard? TALC
Rule that’s often broken IBEFOREE
Schmooze CHAT
Shake hands, perhaps CUTADEAL
Sharp KEEN
Site for a snipe EBAY
Some fridges GES
Some radio announcements, in brief APBS
Some seaside gatherings CLAMBAKES
Sources of some tips STOOLIES
Spread out at a party PATE
Subject of numerous hoaxes YETI
Tablet collection APPS
Take the money and run, say ROBABANK
Tennis great with the most consecutive weeks ranked #1 in the world (377) GRAF
Utter your gravity ___ a gossip’s bowl: “Romeo and Juliet” OER
Walk all over TREADON
Website with a “Got a Tip?” page TMZ
Went for a ride, in a way UBERED
What you find kitsch in BADTASTE
Where the entirety of the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy was filmed NEWZEALAND
Who famously said “I really didn’t say everything I said” BERRA
Wish I could live like that … MUSTBENICE
Word with fair or film ART

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