New York Times, Saturday, August 14, 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
‘Happy ___!’ TRAILS
‘___ bien’ ESTA
A+ effort BESTSHOT
Background for someone who’s good with numbers MUSICALTHEATER
Booker in Washington CORY
Caramel relative TAWNY
Carriers are mobile ones AIRBASES
Catches NAILS
Challenge, symbolically GAUNTLET
Classic muscle car GTO
Close ones, informally SIBS
Cuba libre ingredient LIME
Economic capital of Iraq BASRA
Fabled sources of fortune MONEYTREES
Family matter, maybe FEUD
Family member GANGSTER
Fits (inside) NESTS
Flared, as sleeves BELLED
Game of checkers? CHESS
Get to IRK
Grammy- winning 2018 hit for Childish Gambino THISISAMERICA
Gullible sorts NAIFS
Gut reaction, say PANG
Hidden inclusions, for short BCCS
Indulge DOTEON
Is super into, in modern parlance STANS
Its flag features a pine and the North Star MAINE
Its pods are poisonous to eat TIDE
Janis with the 1975 hit ‘At Seventeen’ IAN
Kind of shower BRIDAL
Lacking any preparation BLIND
Lead singer of ‘Yellow Submarine’ RINGO
Lead-in to now ERE
Marvel producer MIRACLEWORKER
Member of the Y? MILLENNIAL
New York Giants legend Phil SIMMS
One-named Japanese-born actor with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame MAKO
Opening FIRST
Packed in? EATEN
Part of the plan PHASE
Place for a frog THROAT
Poet who wrote ‘I grow old … I grow old … / I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled’ TSELIOT
Pop star Lauper CYNDI
Por ___ (therefore: Sp.) ESO
Quarterback spikes? CLEATS
Quick getaways, maybe BEELINES
Really clean SCOUR
Sacred peak in the ‘Iliad’ and ‘Aeneid,’ for short MTIDA
Sharp quality TANG
Star clusters? FANBASES
Suffix with concert INA
The 700s, in the Dewey Decimal System ARTS
The Greenlandic language is a form of it INUIT
Touch the sky SOAR
Traditional masked drama NOH
Try (for) GUN
Venus, to Cupid MATER
What antifeminism is a direct expression of, per Andrea Dworkin MISOGYNY
Word with block or chain LETTER
___ II, eponymous gymnastics move featuring two backflips and a triple twist BILES

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