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New York Times, Saturday, August 21, 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in New York Times Crossword.

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___ Gibson, first African American to win a Grand Slam title ALTHEA
___ Neuwirth (jeweler) IRENE
___ space OUTER
2020 N.F.L. retiree who leads all QBs in career pass completions (7,142) BREES
A comedy of errors? GAGREEL
Actor in the “Fast & Furious” franchise, familiarly THEROCK
Apt bingo call to lose on, by the sound of it? BTEN
Auto parts giant OREILLY
Bit of Christmas morning detritus BOW
Cable network with a rhyming name SYFY
Certain sidekicks WINGMEN
Common attachments to lanyards IDTAGS
Couleur du brocoli VERT
Defer for now PUNT
Director Wiseman LEN
Disneyland attraction with a racetrack AUTOPIA
Drip locale: Abbr. HOSP
E-signature holder, maybe PDF
Exercises with squat thrusts and jumps BURPEES
Germany’s largest urban area RUHR
Get better again REHEAL
Give waves to with a curling iron, once MARCEL
Go around SPIN
GPS component: Abbr. SYS
Holiday dish with lots of stuffing? TURDUCKEN
I Am ___, onetime spinoff of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” CAIT
I saw ___, he saw me (classic tongue twister line) ESAU
Indicators of enlightenment AHAS
It’s a start ACTI
Its highest score is 1520 PSAT
K2 fig. ELEV
Key rings? ATOLLS
Kind of rabbit ANGORA
Lead-in to Clean OXI
Left at sea APORT
Light touch DAB
Literally, “great soul” MAHATMA
Low notes ONES
Momentous EPOCHAL
Noggins MELONS
Opposite of la ICI
Org. with a pedigree registry AKC
Part of a contingency plan RAINDATE
Part of a fancy table setting EWER
Patchwork elephant of children’s literature ELMER
Phone hotline? SEXT
Posthumous Pulitzer winner of 1958 AGEE
Program that a 2011 global commission officially declared a failure, 40 years after its launch THEWARONDRUGS
Related AKIN
Rugby equivalent of a touchdown TRY
Sch. in the Atlantic 10 Conference URI
Special times ERAS
Start of some decision-making EENY
Study DEN
Synthetic material also called frozen smoke AEROGEL
Tee follower HEE
The Baltics, once: Abbr. SSRS
There you go! VOILA
They’ll help you pass on impulses SYNAPSES
Tired WORN
Trickery SLYNESS
Unnatural, in a way DYED
Unpredictable ERRATIC
What sunlight and wind provide RENEWABLEENERGY
Worker’s cry of triumph DONE
Writing letters, it’s said LOSTART