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New York Times, Saturday, August 22, 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in New York Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
___ sleep REM
2003 #1 hit with the lyric “Shake it like a Polaroid picture” HEYYA
A keen eye, for a proofreader, say ASSET
Accord AMITY
Actress Linney of Netflix’s “Ozark” LAURA
Beer with a triangular logo BASSALE
Branch of the D.H.S. FEMA
British flier UNIONJACK
Comic whom Seinfeld called “the Picasso of our profession” PRYOR
Do some fast data processing? CRAM
Doesn’t take any cards, say STAYS
Emergency exit feature PANICBAR
English translation of 50-Across NOT
False front VENEER
Find outrageously funny ROARAT
Finger-on-lips sound SHH
Food mascot in a green suit jacket KEEBLERELF
French philosopher Bergson HENRI
Gifford’s talk show successor RIPA
Giuseppe ___, leader in Italy’s unification GARIBALDI
Gold rush phenomena BOOMTOWNS
Great deal SCAD
Half of a classic comedy duo MEARA
Hangout for Dorian Gray OPIUMDEN
Having had quite enough SATED
Herb of the parsley family ANISE
In need of a lift? SAD
Lead-in to story HER
Leading role in “The Phantom of the Opera” ERIK
Like a stereotypical mobster’s voice RASPY
Little Women director Gerwig GRETA
Member of the fam SIB
Much can be written on this DESK
Natural history museum sights BONES
Neil Patrick Harris’s role on “How I Met Your Mother” BARNEYSTINSON
Newfoundland sound ARF
Obsessed with FIXATEDON
OK, I’ve heard enough TMI
Onetime neighbor of French Indochina SIAM
Only graphic novel to win a Pulitzer Prize (awarded 1992) MAUS
Opposite of inept ABLE
Passes on SKIPS
Performer for whom a San Diego stadium was named SHAMU
Piece in Stratego SPY
Pole position? AXIS
Pourquoi ___? PAS
Prompter of a channel change, maybe TVAD
Rain can ruin it SUEDE
Reason to see a gastroenterologist ULCER
Relative of a tie in music SLUR
Romeo or Juliet TEEN
Settles with REPAYS
Small cell AAA
Some company bigwigs, for short CFOS
Some pricey cars, for short JAGS
Sub-Saharan scourge TSETSE
Take that, loser! INYOURFACE
Things picked up at a landfill ODORS
Waves of New Agers? AURAS
Way cool EPIC
What it takes to become a queen? PAWNPROMOTION
Words that sometimes follow 1-Across ITSASECRET