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New York Times, Saturday, August 7, 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in New York Times Crossword.

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‘De dónde ___?’ (Spanish 101 query) ERES
‘Don’t let the bedbugs bite!’ NIGHTYNIGHT
‘Moving on …’ ANYHOO
‘Nah, thanks anyway’ ILLPASS
‘No need to worry,’ informally ITSALRIGHT
‘The Magpie’ and ‘The Wheat Field,’ for two MONETS
‘The World Is Yours’ rapper, 1994 NAS
‘What of it?’ AND
Afghans, e.g RUGS
Alternatives to wings THIGHS
Awesome, slangily LIT
Back to back ENDWISE
Bed cover MULCH
Behavioral quirk TIC
Bided one’s time SATTIGHT
Bit of deception SLEIGHT
Brand with a red star in its logo HEINEKEN
Brings home BATSIN
Certain sorority member THETA
Composer of many Streisand show tunes STYNE
Dark Lord of Mordor, in ‘The Lord of the Rings’ SAURON
Descriptor for a superhero MIGHTY
Gene pool? DNABANK
Gets to the point? TAPERS
Grand total? EIGHTYEIGHT
Groups involved in class actions, for short? PTAS
Hasenpfeffer, e.g STEW
Holst’s ‘The Planets,’ for one SUITE
Home to the world’s tallest steel arch bridge SYDNEY
Hybrid zoo animal LIGER
Insubstantial LIGHTWEIGHT
Investment banker Samuel SACHS
It raised a major red flag USSR
It’s just under a foot INSOLE
Leakes of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ NENE
Model-turned-TV personality Chrissy TEIGEN
No bueno LOUSY
Oil, informally TEXASTEA
One of the Gilmore Girls LORELAI
One with key responsibilities? TYPIST
Palindromic term of address SIS
Passage that connects stories SKYWAY
Period immediately following Y2K AUGHTS
Portion of an ad agency’s budget CREATIVE
Put to sleep BORED
Repress, with ‘up’ BOTTLE
Running freely ONAUTO
See 6-Down INTO
Six figures, say HIGHSALARY
Specific NARROW
Spot for some piercings AREOLA
Sumptuous LUXE
They’re ahead of their time EVES
Titaness who abducted Orion EOS
Typical wall colors NEUTRALS
Wackadoodle WEIRDO
Waste at a winery LEES
Who had a major part in the Torah? MOSES
Who said ‘The greatest scientists are artists as well’ EINSTEIN
With 7-Down, disliking … or at least feeling indifferent about NOT
Worker whose name anagrams to the person’s output STENO
Would you look at that! SIGHT
[Here we go again …] SIGH
___ bar TIKI
___ Technica (tech review site) ARS