New York Times, Saturday, July 23, 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
___ Command (classic arcade game) MISSILE
___ du Diable (notorious French penal colony) ILE
___ es Salaam DAR
1980s TV celeb with a role in “Rocky III” MRT
20th-century map inits. SSR
A.C. : ___ :: D.C. : Edison TESLA
Abbr. on a receipt CHG
Aids in making craft projects, in brief DIYKITS
Animal whose name means, literally, “nose” RHINO
Atkins diet no-no SUGAR
Award in a lawsuit DAMAGES
Bottom of the barrel LEES
Braveheart villain EDWARDI
Brought (out) TROTTED
Cash crop of South America COCA
Circuit building block LOGICGATE
Color of a glacier ICEBLUE
Defense secretary under Obama PANETTA
Detective ___ Briscoe of “Law & Order” LENNIE
Dia despu├ęs de hoy MANANA
Doofus ASS
Ending with love or tap INS
Entourage RETINUE
Field of informatics DATASCIENCE
First person to fly solo around the world (1933) WILEYPOST
Gesture signifying perfection CHEFSKISS
Has a list LEANS
Joint venture? POTFARM
Lead-in to course DIS
Like many a chute in Chutes and Ladders SSHAPED
Marion ___, Best Actress winner for “La Vie en Rose” COTILLARD
Match SEE
Metaphor for a difficult ordeal WRINGER
Method of music education SOLFEGE
Monodon monoceros, more familiarly NARWHAL
No matter what WINORLOSE
Oh, darn! AWRATS
Opposite of cut ATTEND
Org. with a snake in its logo AMA
Part of a plan? PHONELINE
Pays a fare to get there, say CABSIT
Person who’s corrupt by nature BADSEED
Poorly suited UNFIT
Program file suffix EXE
Qatar, e.g. EMIRATE
Question asked when going through an old family photo album, perhaps WHOISTHAT
Relationship phrase ISTO
Remnant DREG
Shell game? EGGTOSS
Shoddy treatment RAWDEAL
Small plane for short flights AIRTAXI
Smooth veneers ENAMELS
Some grilled meat dishes KABOBS
Status, informally REP
Suffer abject humiliation EATDIRT
Super-G competitor ALPINESKIER
Things sometimes lost in sofa cushions REMOTES
Tip of a writing implement NIB
Use curlers on, say SET
Utah home of Weber State University OGDEN
What a circular argument has NOPOINT

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