New York Times, Saturday, July 30, 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
___ balls RICE
Appearance MIEN
Betray, in a way FLIPON
Bond between 2006 and 2021 CRAIG
Bouquet unit STEM
Builder’s outdoor addition LANAI
Burgundian grape PINOT
Business ___ OPS
CBS drama from Dick Wolf FBI
Charge too much SOAK
Competition that starts and finishes in a tie THREELEGGEDRACE
Create a plot hole, say HOE
Drink similar to a Cape Codder COSMO
Expensive boxes LOGES
Farm sounds MOOS
Fifth-most populous city in California, after Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose and San Francisco FRESNO
Future-altering decision point, metaphorically SLIDINGDOOR
Get outta here! SHOO
Grandson of Adam ENOCH
Hawaiian word for a mackerel ONO
Helping hound GUIDEDOG
High-five! UPTOP
Holds back, in a way DAMS
Iolanthe and “Candide,” for two OPERETTAS
Irish form of “Jane” SINEAD
Italian pronoun MIA
It’s not going to fly LEADBALLOON
Keep it together STAYSANE
Keep out BAR
Like a well-brushed canine, say WHITE
Literally, “dainty slice” FILETMIGNON
Location designed to attract whales HOTELCASINO
Material for a lighter wheel FLINT
Member of a triage team MEDIC
N.Y.C. cultural landmark MOMA
Nickname for Capote TRU
Nickname that drops “vin” MEL
Once, once ERST
Pac-12 squad UTES
Pennsylvania city where Crayola is headquartered EASTON
Pleasant cadences LILTS
Pot holder BLUNT
Pot holder CHEF
Reason to run OPENSEAT
Reckon so ISPOSE
Rude “Forget it!” HELLNO
Scratch that ITCH
Simple kind of question TRUEFALSE
Singer who owns Manderley Castle in Killiney ENYA
Starters can be found on it MENU
Suffix for a rank DOM
Supervisory challenges EGOS
Take stock after a defeat COUNTONESLOSSES
The ancient Egyptians believed they were created from the sun hitting the Nile EELS
The N.F.L. mascot Roary, for one LION
They’re bigger and lighter than skeletons LUGES
They’re to be determined IFS
Tires out in a playground, perhaps SWINGS
Trig function, in brief COT
Uncool sorts DORKS
Wares at a medicine show CUREALLS
What a startled horse might do REAR
WhatsApp owner META
Word added as an intensifier ASS

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