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New York Times, Saturday, July 31, 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in New York Times Crossword.

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‘Betcha can’t beat my score!’ TOPTHAT
‘Creature From the Black Lagoon’ co-star JULIEADAMS
‘Five stars from me’ LOVEDIT
‘Regardless …’ ATANYRATE
‘This can’t be good’ OHNO
‘Wow, that’s wild!’ WHATATRIP
13-Across, in French ENTRE
Accessible INRANGE
Charge ONUS
Co-founder of Artists Against Fracking ONO
Cold War-era group that included Louis Armstrong JAZZAMBASSADORS
Dating profile info INTERESTS
Devil ___ the tailors (pub game) AMONG
Early trials, informally PRELIMS
Entropy CHAOS
Exemption from usual consequences FREEPASS
Having designs SLY
Home of the world’s longest road tunnel (15 miles): Abbr NOR
Household locale where the Coriolis effect is supposedly observed DRAIN
Ice cream shop posting FLAVORS
Inside dope SKINNY
It includes :// URL
It’s a blessing GESUNDHEIT
Joie de vivre ZEST
Kafka’s unfinished first novel, published posthumously in 1927 AMERIKA
Kept going RANON
Like the 16th-century ruler Cuauhtémoc AZTEC
Moniker for a noted Boston skyscraper, with ‘the’ PRU
Motorcycle pioneers ___ and Effie Hotchkiss AVIS
Mount ___, highest peak in the Philippines APO
One of 250,000 in 1937’s ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ CEL
Opening in a leaf STOMA
Operation that yields the remainder from dividing two numbers, in math lingo MOD
Ostentatious display RITZ
Patronizes, in a way STAYSAT
Playing at a party, maybe DJING
Porous soil LOESS
Readathon supporters, for short PTAS
Relatives of cornets CLARIONS
Relief AID
Ring up? HALO
Rotated, in a way, to a pilot YAWED
Salon stock MOUSSE
Singer/songwriter Folds BEN
Smallish hail size PEA
Smartens (up) WISES
Some fresh starts NEWERAS
Some O.K. fighters EARPS
Specs for a modiste DRESSSIZES
Splash against LAPAT
Sports Illustrated’s 2019 Sportsperson of the Year RAPINOE
Stage offering REVUE
Stop responding CLAMUP
Stuffed SATED
The ‘BA’ of the Boston museum MOBA BADART
Tough, uncompromising sort HARDASS
U.S. soccer legend ___ Howard TIM
Vetoes NOES
Vitamin Shoppe competitor GNC
Where ‘Home’ might be found MENUPAGE
Window you might want to close quickly POPUPAD
With dispatch RAPIDLY
Word in the name of many candy offshoots MINIS
___ nerve (biceps neighbor) ULNAR
___-ops PSY