New York Times, Saturday, June 18, 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘We don’t need to rush’ TIMEISONOURSIDE
‘Yes, ___!’ IDO
‘___-hoo!’ YOO
19th-century activist Dorothea DIX
2002 art biopic starring Salma Hayek FRIDA
6 is a rare one PAR
Anna with two Emmys for ‘Breaking Bad’ GUNN
Audible finger wags TSKS
Best-selling novel that begins in Pondicherry, India LIFEOFPI
Big name in English tea TWININGS
Bouquet SMELL
Brief bit SEC
Brownie, e.g ELF
Bump on a lid STYE
City with a famous library ALEXANDRIA
Close a tab PAY
Crafty SLY
Dissenting group SECT
Fitness activity done while suspended from a hammock AERIALYOGA
French, to the English? SNOG
Galena and cinnabar, for two ORES
Get exactly NAIL
Hurtled SPED
Initialism to which an ‘h’ is sometimes added IMO
It’s hot right now FAD
It’s nothing NIL
It’s nothing NADA
Jazz trumpeter Adderley NAT
Late-night query YOUUP
Literally, ‘high city’ ACROPOLIS
Lovesick, perhaps ACHING
Make fun of ROAST
Master of death, in Hinduism KALI
Match point? TINDER
Minor deviation BLIP
Morning ritual for some SKINCAREROUTINE
Noggins MELONS
Not play, with ‘out’ SIT
Only person to win a Nobel Prize in two scientific fields CURIE
Opinion offerer OPED
Oven setting BROIL
Passion FIRE
Peshwari ___ (raisin-filled fare) NAAN
Petitions PLEAS
Prefix with sexual PAN
Prey for some hyenas GNUS
Prophecy or hallucinations, in ‘Macbeth’ MOTIF
Queer heroine in the DC Universe BATWOMAN
Quickly mounts JUMPSON
Result of chafing RAWNESS
Salon sound SNIP
See 59-Across SKIT
Small dose: Abbr TSP
Solving crosswords with a bunch of friends, say NERDFEST
Some audio downloads, informally PODS
Some harbor sights TUGS
Some holiday deliveries NOELS
Son of Poseidon TRITON
Star of ’12 Years a Slave’ CHIWETELEJIOFOR
Supports BACKS
Supports DEFENDS
Tide type NEAP
Umpire’s call INSIDE
Warwick with 12 top 10 Billboard hits DIONNE
What’s good in Jerusalem? TOV
With 45-Across, performance in Studio 8H SNL
Word before and after ‘just’ WOW
___ cat FAT

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