New York Times, Saturday, June 25, 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘A Dream Within a Dream’ writer POE
‘Oh, grow up’ REALMATURE
‘Succession’ co-star Ruck ALAN
‘What they said’ THAT
‘Why, yes indeed!’ QUITESO
2020 thriller in which Jessica Chastain plays the title role AVA
Abandon ship BAIL
Apple selection? IMAC
Best Actor nominee for 2019’s ‘Marriage Story’ ADAMDRIVER
Bit of mendacity LIE
Branch of the U.S. military launched in 2019 SPACEFORCE
Brand name on Cakesters snack cakes OREO
Camp sight COT
Catchy song, in modern slang BOP
Cause of an uprising? YEAST
Certain curtain SCRIM
Chains of churches ROSARIES
Chugged, with ‘down’ GULPED
Classic Vans sneaker model ERA
Cold case? ICEPACK
Comment from one who’s moved on IMSOOVERIT
Competitor of Stridex OXY
Course pro? CHEF
Coveted object ENVY
Go in prepared HAVEAPLAN
Heel, e.g END
In Germany it’s ‘Krautsalat’ COLESLAW
Kind of loop in programming FOR
King in ‘The Return of the King’ ARAGORN
Lectern locale DAIS
Like some book reviews STARRED
Like the grammar police PEDANTIC
Line at Disney World MONORAIL
Low call MOO
Mess around (with) TOY
Party consideration THEME
Performer in both the Winter and Summer Olympics, in different sports SKATER
Pioneer of elegies OVID
Place for a handprint, maybe CEMENT
Place where shells are put away? TAQUERIA
Playthings with ‘belly badges’ CAREBEARS
Poke alternative, maybe PSST
Pop singer who came out as nonbinary in 2019 SAMSMITH
Provider of a lift CRANE
Rapper with the 1999 #1 album ‘I Am …’ NAS
Rowlf the Dog and Robin the Frog, for two MUPPETS
Singer/actress Carter NELL
Soap in Mexico TELENOVELA
Soft-soap COAX
Source of protein in a poke bowl AHI
Squabble SPAR
Standing at home, say UPTOBAT
Stick on, in a way TAPETO
Stretches for a swimmer LAPS
Supermodel Alek WEK
Surname of a star-crossed lover CAPULET
Talk, talk, talk YAMMERON
Texter’s preamble IMHO
They include satellite cities METROAREAS
Unblocked CLEAR
Violeta o rosa FLOR
What comes before a bet ALEPH
What investigators might do PRY
Where snorting isn’t rude STY
___ voting EARLY
___-purpose DUAL

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