New York Times, Saturday, May 14, 2022 Crossword Answers


Clues Answers
[not our typo] SIC
___ yum (hot-and-sour Thai soup) TOM
Adviser, e.g. AIDE
Amos with the 1994 hit “Cornflake Girl” TORI
Anthony Hopkins’s character in the Marvel Universe ODIN
Blank on a sign-up sheet SLOT
Broadway star Phillipa SOO
Children’s toy that’s sprayed from a can SILLYSTRING
Codeshare partner of American Airlines ELAL
Comedian Notaro TIG
Day after Pi Day, e.g. IDES
Down ___ PAT
Either side of Alaska? SCHWA
Ensemble part ROLE
Exhaust TIRE
Extent of a commuter rail system, perhaps METROAREA
Former Philadelphia mayor Wilson GOODE
Gender-neutral pronoun ONES
Genre for “Cowboy Bebop” and “The Mandalorian” SPACEWESTERN
Give in person HANDTO
Here-there connection NOR
Horoscope symbol SCALES
Icy detachment BERG
Incomplete Wikipedia entry STUB
Informal pronoun YALL
Large mass of swimming fish SHOAL
Let’s move on WEREDONEHERE
Literally, “guilty mind” MENSREA
Luxury home installation with a vanishing edge INFINITYPOOL
Mae alsalama, across the Mediterranean ADIOS
Make a quick visit, with “in” POP
Makes sacred HALLOWS
Most alert to social justice issues WOKEST
Oh, never mind – you clearly don’t want to talk about it SORRYIASKED
One member of Congress’s “Squad” OMAR
Online heckler TROLL
Parking spot? SEAT
Part of many a software demo, informally SCREENCAP
Part of many a three-day weekend: Abbr. MON
Piercing tool AWL
Practice PLY
Prefix with pronoun NEO
Purchase at a military supplies store, informally CAMO
Put out DOUSE
Renders DOES
Room where a Peloton may double as a clothing rack HOMEGYM
Shade of green NILE
Soba alternative UDON
Something to take home PROFIT
Stand for something EASEL
Subjects of some parental speeches LIFELESSONS
Table tennis equipment NETS
Tautological words of resignation ITISWHATITIS
Test for purity ASSAY
Tex-Mex brand OLDELPASO
That was a close call! PHEW
That’ll be the day! HAH
The Strife Is ___, the Battle Done (Easter hymn) OER
They’re not always free with their advice CONSULTANTS
This stays between us DONTTELL
Try to say GETAT
Unanticipated deficit SHORTFALL
United hub OHARE
Was ist ___? DAS
What’s eating ___?! HIM
Writer of the line “Did you ever stop to think, and forget to start again?” MILNE
You ___ (words before an amount after discount) PAY

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