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New York Times, Saturday, May 2, 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in New York Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Calvin and Hobbes’ conveyance WAGON
‘Don’t admit to anything!’ DENYDENYDENY
‘Like THAT’S gonna happen!’ NEVER
Abbr. in many an office building address STE
Actress Amanda PEET
Basic chords TRIADS
Ben-___ HUR
Bronze, e.g ALLOY
Caddy alternative TEARACK
Carry-___ ONS
Crosspiece in a grate, often IBAR
Crush alternative FANTA
Disencumbers RIDS
Do-si-do do HOEDOWN
Emulate Beyoncé in 2003 GOSOLO
Excessively theatrical STAGY
Frequently ranked octet IVIES
Get carried away DRIFT
Healthy soup base VEGETABLESTOCK
Heroine in Verdi’s ‘Il Trovatore’ LEONORA
Invitation from a driver CLIMBIN
Its end might be lamented ERA
Kind of diet that can help lower blood pressure NOSALT
Kind of rug that’s bad to lose an earring in SHAG
Kind of student MED
Knight cap HELMET
Language from which we get ‘karma’ SANSKRIT
Leaves back at the house, maybe FORGETS
Like Jabba the Hutt OBESE
Obsessive fan, slangily STAN
Ones making periodical changes, for short EDS
Org. for the L.A. Galaxy MLS
Org. opposing school vouchers NEA
Part of a forest that can grow as fast as two feet a day KELP
Points of interest for epidemiologists ONSETS
Poker-faced STONY
Press, informally INK
Provider of sensory deprivation ISOLATIONTANK
Reason to raise one’s hand VOW
Rest (on) RELY
Showing more nerve GUTSIER
Sings like Mary Poppins TRILLS
Skosh TAD
Slangy phrase following an unpopular opinion SAIDNOONEEVER
Small bits of progress DENTS
Smaller than small ATOMIC
Smears TARS
Spanish title: Abbr SRA
Striking VIVID
Strip PEEL
Swells up, as a lip GETSFAT
Takes some hits TOKES
Tip for increasing productivity LIFEHACK
Title song character who’s asked ‘Did your mom get back from her business trip?’ STACY
Took a course, say ATE
Unexpected blessing GODSEND
Usual practice WONT
Valuable contacts INS
Warms (up) LOOSENS
What school lunch is often depicted as in cartoons GLOP
Word in many Emmy categories SERIES
___ Diaz, detective on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ ROSA
___ Thunberg, Time’s youngest Person of the Year GRETA