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New York Times, Saturday, November 14, 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in New York Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘All ___ are civil ___, because all men are brothers’ (quote attributed to François Fénelon) WARS
‘I see you’ve left me no choice’ SOITSCOMETOTHIS
‘I swear!’ ONGOD
‘Kimigayo,’ in Japan ANTHEM
‘My Violent Evil Monster Just Scared Us Nuts’ and others MNEMONICDEVICES
‘___ the Wizard’ (show tune) HES
1960s ‘It Girl’ Sedgwick EDIE
62-Down part RETINA
Achilles, for example TENDON
Adjective on an Indian menu TANDOORI
Assembly line feature ROBOTARM
Attachment to a car’s dashboard GPSUNIT
Bath water? AVON
Big Apple sch. system CUNY
Body part with a 63-Across EYE
Brand with a classic ‘501 Blues’ ad campaign LEVIS
Bundestag vote NEIN
California roll ingredient AVOCADO
Chill NIP
Comic actor who played Sir Robin and Harry the Haggler ERICIDLE
Concern about an old sofa SAG
Countless UMPTEEN
Cover-up in court ROBE
Crude verse DOGGEREL
Davis of Hollywood GEENA
Diminutive suffix LET
Discusses GOESINTO
Do makeup? ATONE
Eliot hero MARNER
For whom the ravens Huginn and Muninn collect intel, in legend ODIN
Forensic science subject DNA
Fresh bread? NEWMONEY
Getting close, perhaps WARM
High dudgeon WRATH
Historian’s specialty, perhaps ERA
It might be hair-raising GEL
Lane hugger? KENT
Late actress Diana of ‘Game of Thrones’ RIGG
Like some bread and beer YEASTY
Literally, ‘art-doer’ GEISHA
Me time, say SOLITUDE
Mythical figure associated with snakes ATHENA
New Zealand demonym KIWI
Parlement vote OUI
Parliament votes AYES
Polish, say EUROPEAN
Preceders of spikes, in volleyball SETS
Proceed down the runway, perhaps SASHAY
Quieted down HUSHED
Religious observance HOLYDAY
Research org. in Bethesda NIH
Roast V.I.P.s MCS
See for a bit PEEKAT
Something to sneeze at? DANDER
Stick: Sp PALO
Swan song END
Totally useless NOHELP
Tributary of the Missouri PLATTE
Unmoored, in a way ASEA
Very top ACME
When the National Day of Prayer is celebrated MAY
Working as a go-between LIAISING
___ dixit IPSE
___ teeth (rarity) HENS