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New York Times, Saturday, October 10, 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in New York Times Crossword.


Clues Answers
‘911!’ preceder RENO
‘Ars Amatoria’ author OVID
‘Believe me!’ IMSUREOFIT
‘Puh-leeze!’ ASIF
‘White-fronted’ or ‘chestnut-bellied’ birds TITS
‘___ so!’ ARE
Ad ___ BIZ
Angry arenagoer, in slang BOOBIRD
Area with limited access to supermarkets FOODDESERT
Arouse WHET
Bach’s ‘___, Joy of Man’s Desiring’ JESU
Battle cry ITSWAR
Battle cry IMHIT
Color in a color printer CYAN
Concept in Freudian psychology EROS
Corona, in an eclipse RIM
Court pro STENO
Drinks sometimes garnished with 52-Down MOJITOS
Enterprise once known as the California Perfume Company AVON
Far-off explorer SPACEPROBE
Fast-food order that had ‘all the flavor, one less layer’ MACJR
Finally give in after initial pushback BEND
French fries alternative, informally TOTS
Global news concern of the mid-2010s EBOLASCARE
Half of a 1960s pop group MAMAS
Huff and puff PANT
It goes around in circles PLANET
It has a big pouch PELICAN
Italian soccer club with three Champions League titles INTERMILAN
Like some sound systems HIFI
Longtime head of the Boston Symphony Orchestra SEIJIOZAWA
Longtime music collaborator with Royce da 5’9′ EMINEM
Lufthansa supplier AIRBUS
Makes go PROPELS
Makes up COINS
Mass medium LATIN
Material used for weaponry in ancient China as early as 500 B.C CASTIRON
Music genre for Fela Kuti AFROBEAT
No. on a check AMT
Not eliminated INIT
One of the Jackson 5 TITO
Pint Night purchase ALE
Pointless NOUSE
Polite term of address MAAM
Presenters, for short MCS
Pulitzer-winning novelist Jennifer EGAN
Real piece of work? ART
Recherché ARCANE
Remote hiding spot? SOFA
Requirement for some drilling: Abbr DDS
Rock ‘n’ roll pioneer from New Orleans FATSDOMINO
Salacious RACY
See 38-Across LIME
Sender of many unwanted messages SPAMBOT
Smack! WHAP
Someone in the picture ACTOR
Surrender CEDE
Tee, e.g TOP
Tierra en el agua ISLA
Traveler with a turbine HOVERCRAFT
Tundra, e.g BIOME
Turning the tables? DJING
Vodka go-with TONIC
What’s-his-name JOESCHMO
Where people get in hot water jacuzzis
Who ‘just keeps rollin’ along’ in a classic show tune OLMANRIVER
Within AMONG
___ Bartlet, president on ‘The West Wing’ JED
___ good terms ENDON
___ spider, creature named for its presence around train tracks HOBO